Troy built 29cc, 4-Cycle engine for motor bicycle?

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by 1stlinegear, Jun 15, 2011.

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    im not sure if that has a clutch or not. if it has a cent clutch i would say go for it. if not you might have to make it friction drive. that would be pretty cool though.
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    Per the parts breakdown, it does have a clutch... don't know if it's a standard 78mm, the smaller (apx) 56mm, or an odd-ball size.
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    These engines were originally designed and built by Ryobi. I have seen trimmers labeled Cub Cadet, MTD, and Troybilt (as well as of course Ryobi) that are essentially identical and use this same engine. I have owned and used a couple of Ryobi labeled trimmers. They start easy and run fine but are not very powerful. They are an interesting exercise in manufacturing efficiency - i.e. cleverly and cheaply made. They are built to perform their function as a home owner quality trimmer at the lowest possible cost.

    I have not measured it, but I believe these trimmers have a 56mm clutch. Another issue is that this engine has an overhung crankshaft, with an output shaft on only one end of the engine. As such, the starter is between the engine and the clutch.

    I am quite sure you could build a motorized bike with one of these engines, but unless you already have one (and lots of skills and little money), I think you would be much better off starting with a Honda GX35 or Subaru EH035 if you want a small 4 stroke.

    Just a tease, but I have a virtually new one of these engines that I'd sell for $45 plus shipping - if you are really intent on trying to use one!
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    What 4 stroke kit would you guys recommend for around $300?
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    starter between clutch n engine? shafts only supported at one end? i wouldnt even set fire to it.

    theres 4 stroke KITS for 300? not here in au! cant even get an engine for under 350...
  7. sells both the Subaru Robin 33.5 and Honda 33.5 cc engines for under $250.00, complete with clutch. Both are excellent quality engines that, with proper maintenence and care, will work fine on a motored bike, giving many years of service. Small Engine Warehouse sells the Honda for less, but are often out of stock. Staton also sells larger than stock fuel tanks.
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    For $45 and didn't he say practically new, sounds like a deal even if it doesn't last forever... I'm tempted, I wouldn't use the pull start anyway. Except shipping to portland oregon on top of that probably ruins the deal, I don't know what that would run these days. Too bad you're not just in my neighborhood.

    I'm too broke right now to buy a good engine. :(
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    Don't forget - time is money and no time to loose. What's the point to build something what will fall apart rather earn more and buy something designed to it. I bought cheap engine once and since I switch to 4stroke I used a bit less than 2 galons in 2 months and I didn't touch that engine and nothing unscrew.

    Don't waste your time. I would understand it if you would be from Asia or Afrika but you are from USA so what's the problem to earn few $ more?
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    The job market... Plus being over 40 and partially disabled makes it harder for me than others. Official unemployment numbers you hear on tv are nothing like the truth on the ground.
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