truck bed liner FTW

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    I painted my bike w/ black semi gloss spray paint over black truck bed liner over most of the frame, & gold hi temp, chem resistant drivetrain component paint on the engine & bars. I feel like I finally have a paint job that legitimately looks better than the plain brushed aluminum how it came

    still needs couple touch up coats, but I like it so far & it seems good for durability. gasoline drips uglified most paints I've tried, so I'm hoping this holds up better

    I had meant to do the whole bike in tan truck bed liner, cuz I thought it would look hella cool & crazy, like some kinda advanced material military vehicle prototype or something, but autozone only had black truck liner, so I went w/ this - maybe cooler anyway 20161005_123609.jpg

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    FYI, the extreme inelegance of my duct tape based headlight mount is intentional to deter thieves.

    so far it's working... ;)