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    Well I'm the new guy today so I'll do a lil show n tell, I'm not to sure how to navigate this web site so there may only be one pic, Sorry! just incase

    1st 2011 Marcagi Huntington stretched beach cruiser, highly customized. Engine- PK80/69.5cc
    2nd 2011 Sportsmanflyer still in the raw, severly customized 1910 tribute Board Track Racer
    Engine PK80/69.5cc
    3rd 2011 1913 Flying merkel, fabricated by Adam Montanye at Rad Rockets out in the ARIZ
    Engine PK80/69.5cc(yet to be installed)
    4th will be a Dan Taylar 1910 Board track replica that I will pick up this comming sat
    Engine H-2 80/69.5cc(also know as PK80)

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    That is a great collection! I am looking forward to seeing all the pics.
    I see you got a billet clutch cover on that motor.
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    thanks! I'll try to resize my pic's but still don't understand the navigation of this site so it might take a while.
    all my bikes are for sale except for the Sportsmanflyer and again as soon as I can figure out how to work this site I'll post more pic's