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  1. amtnick

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    I am from bicycle engine factory.
    I know so much about the EPA.
    there is true EPA sticker and fake EPA sticker.
    for true, there is factory name on the sticker,
    for fake, there is no factory name on it.
    for the engines, the true EPA will come with cat. converter.
    so the exhaust is much heavier than the fake EPA kits.
    if you wanto confirm your kits are true or not, you can balance your exhaust.

    compare the pictures attached

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  2. wavygravy

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    wow it seems china is catching on. it seems that some of our efforts are paying off finally! the non epa issue seems to be more of an issue all the time! just an observation.
  3. Pablo

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    That's hilarious.

    So you "predate" your engines?
  4. arceeguy

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    It's obvious that he doesn't have the command of the English language like me or you, and probably didn't mean "I know so much about the EPA" to sound as cocky as it did.

    As far as the manufacture date, once again, it looks to me like there was problems with translation/meaning. If we take everything at face value, we know that this engine family is certified for 2009, and meets all EPA regulations for that year. Does it really matter that it was manufactured in 2008 and has 2009 on the label if it meets all 2009 rules? Aren't cars manufactured in the prior year labeled with the next years date because they meet that years emissions and safety standards?

    And Pablo, since you make a jackshaft kit specifically for this type of engine, one would think that you wouldn't be throwing mud at the manufacturers of these engines!

    I have never used engines from this supplier yet, and will probably order some to see if the quality is above and beyond the rest of the crowd. This is indeed the first time we are seeing a manufacturers name attached to a bicycle engine. (Other than grubee, and even then, it is his name and not Nantong Jiali) If every manufacturer did this, we could compare engine quality by manufacturer rather than distributor - and maybe even stop calling them "Happy Time" engines.
  5. Mountainman

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    I enjoyed your web site

    hi amtnick

    I went to your web site -- looked around for a while

    everything there -- looked pretty good

    may I ask -- how long guarantee on your engines ?

    have a good day -- MM
  6. Pablo

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    Arceguy. What is with you and "correcting" me? I threw no mud, so you are just plain wrong. So I must ask that you cease and desist.

    I don't need your stinking advice and I certainly didn't ask YOU the question.

    Of course I knew what he meant, and of course it's a translation problem. But my humor does not belittle the writer and it obviously went RIGHT over your head. CLUE: If you think we in the USA even "know" the incoming EPA, splash some cold water on your face!

    No, cars record the actual manufacture date as do all other industries and should be expected on these engines. My manufacturers in China record the date manufactured.
  7. Mountainman

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    oh no -- mountain rocks a flying already on this early morning !!!

    I feel a little uptight coming up from inside
    better jump on my motor bike and take a little ride

    sounds like someTHING out of a fortune cookie Mountainman -- wakeup please !!!

    oh - go - ride that THING Mountainman
  8. Pablo

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    I actually meant no hard feelings toward Arceeguy. But man the "nannying" and riding my posts would be better spent RIDING THAT THING!!:jester::santa::elf:
  9. arceeguy

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    And I meant no hard feelings toward you. I am sorry that you think I am "nannying" and "riding" your posts.

    Since your humor went right over my head, please enlighten me as to how amtnick would find your comment humorous? Your clue was of no help either. Did anyone else get it, or am I really dense here? :dunce:
  10. amtnick

    amtnick New Member

    my friend, we dont offer warranty, it is difficult to operate.
    Raw motor is our distributors, they offer six months warranty to their distributors.
  11. amtnick

    amtnick New Member

    I just begin to work in bicycle engine kits industry, and our EPA is 2009 edition. I doubt that the engines without factory name claim to be EPA cerified are true EPA.
    I know Nantong Jiali has EPA certificate, but if all their engine kits sold to USA really reach EPA standard, that is a question.
    som distributors dont want low cost engine kits without cat. converters, but they will use their supplier's EPA to clear customs.
    that is the fact
  12. Your company doesnt warranty the engines they sell? You mean that Raw is extending a 6 month warranty to their customers without the manufacturer offering any compensation?
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  13. mabman

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    Spam is spam, not matter how you slice it.
  14. amtnick

    amtnick New Member

    no need to cheat you, my friends
    we dont offer warranty to them, but our distributors offer 6 months warranty to their customers.
    and we get Chrismas gifts from our distributors
  15. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    OK I'll bite, who are your distributors in the USA?
  16. Is this the standard of the Industry, or just your factories policy? I looked on Grubees site and the Distributors there are compensated by the Manufacturer/Exporter for 3 months in the way of credits on manufacturing defects....

    "Engine Kit Warranty Policy: A 90 day limited factory warranty is given on all products except Russian engines and Model A export engine kits: Warranty is administrated by the WD to the end user and supported by a credit memo on future purchases from China GAS. Our Mission Statement: Striving for Quality and Customer Satisfaction is Job #1. Nothing less is acceptable: The Gru-Bee / China GAS expectation is to have continued progress in the WD market penetration by producing the best frame mount bicycle engine kits with the best accessories and options available."
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  17. amtnick

    amtnick New Member

    Raw distiributes our engine kits.
    they odered about 2000units in last 2 months.
    we have good quality and even better than Grubee.
    Grubee only look like professional, but in fact he is not.
    his advandage is that his wife is Chinese, so that help him a lot to cooperate with chinese factory.
  18. amtnick

    amtnick New Member

    I dont want to bash Grubee engine kits, but I know from some their customers that their engine kits are not good, only because they start this business earlier and have their brand, so they sell a lot.
  19. The quality of THEIR product was not the issue. I was wondering why YOUR factory does not offer a warranty to your distributors, and theirs did.....
    It seems that they stand behind their product and feel comfortable to offer a manufacturers warranty, where as you do not......

    As far as the quality of YOUR engines, the 2nd picture in the following thread shows the poor quality control when it comes to YOUR casting, so your right you shouldnt be BASHING anyone.......
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  20. Epa

    Ive done some research. The Feb of 2009 on 48 and 60cc the 55 and 66 are already EPA And have been.. the doc is probably available.

    Ill Assure you this is the Skinny.
    After the feb 10th date that is already applied for the Jiali is Compliant on the 48,55(Already),60,and 66(Already). They also have the more affordable Center mounted Hiu SHeng Shan SPIRAL GEAR (CnC) in the 8 Shaped Cover Style! Ill have them in about 6 mo. if all planned works out Right. Peace Nick Jack Seems like a real descent Guy.
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