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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by PeterBarley, Dec 13, 2012.

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    I started up my new build on straight TruFuel50 that is sold at Home Depot in its aisle that contains leaf blowers, chainsaws, and trimmers. TruFuel50 is a fuel that is premixed with 2 cycle oil. It does not smell like gasoline, but like acetone. The truFuel50.com website does not disclose what type of fuel is used. It smells so strong of acetone that I wonder whether if it is pure acetone mized with 2-cycle oil. The product is manufactured for use in 2-cycle motors found on leaf blowers, trimmers, and chainsaws, but is it well suited for the chinese 66c motors?

  2. wally

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    I am guessing that NO because leaf blowers and trimmers run with minimal load chainsaws can be loaded, whereas China Girls are loaded quite a bit. You do not say if it is more expensive or cheaper than pump gas and oil.
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    The octane rating of TruFuel50 is 93 and it sells at The Home Depot for $5.50 a quart ($22.00 per gallon). When I started up my bike, I made sure the mixture was not 50:1 but 16:1. The bike ran for two minutes until the fuel in the fuel line was used up. For some reason, fuel does not want to leave my gas tank with ease if the tank contains a sediment screen. I removed the screen but before running it any more on TrueFuel50, I posted about it on this forum to see what others have experienced.
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    looks like everybody is on holiday or don't know! :)
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    At $ 22 per gallon it sure sounds pricey. I am running Opti 2 universal 2 cycle oil, Premium gas with a little stabilizer. No problems.
    I think ' fool fuel ' is for retail types who don't own a lawnmower, and use a trimmer exclusively. If a bottle lasts all year ... who cares what it cost. As for screens, toss both the screen, and the lousy petcock, and use an inline filter, so you can see the fuel, and the junk that was
    once inside your tank.
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    Its crap just like seafoam.
    There is no acetone in trufuel. but its still a ripoff.