Trust me don't go cheap


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Oct 1, 2022
I wanted my total cost to be like 225 for the bike and engine. This was a huge mistake all the cheap parts cost me so much in the long don't be like me it cost me more in the run time even my brake issue was so to cheap brake pads I just thought how can they screw up brake pads lol must of been made with discarded condoms and fanta bottles
Dollar Tree - which now should be called the Dollar TwentyFive And Up Store - have a tape measure with both Imperial as well as Metric scales, which costs vastly more elsewhere, if you can find one at all.
I was just thinking about this post this am. I'm a gamer Microsoft now makes two this gen game consoles buddy brags about his series x .but I told him I can buy 2 Xbox series s and a bottle of jack for what he payed for his x.
I'ma video game nerd I just always think today everyone cares only about specs when I was a kid we had atari and had so much fun on it lo today it's beyond crazy how powerful these consoles are. I find it funny when folks get the series x and they only have a 1080 p tv lol