Truthful F-35 vs F-18 analysis

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    I can't say that I have flown either one of them.
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    And to think that the Australian government has purchased another 58 (comprising a total to 72) of the massively over priced and massively problem riddled and massively under performing F-35 (so called) strike fighters, at a unit cost of $US133 million each.

    This is at a time when the government is slashing health services and education budgets to the bone and ramping up the powers of the Australian Taxation Office to hunt down people for making a $10 error on their tax return, all because Australians need to tighten their belts as the government is predicting a $500 billion deficit.

    For $300 million a fully equipped major hospital can be built; stuffed with the latest medical technology.
    For $150 million the government can build a state of the art university.
    For $100 million the government can build a state of the art school complex.

    Apparently the government doesn't have a single cent to build any of these facilities, but they can quite happily purchase 72 (so called) fighter aircraft at $133 million each, that are nothing more than a useless piece of rubbish. Worse still is that three FA-18 Super Hornet's (upgraded to 5th generation avionics) can be purchased for the price of an under performing F-35.

    Crikey, even the Australian Air Force doesn't want the (rubbish) F-35, as the upgraded FA-18 is a much better aircraft for the Australian Air Force requirements.

    The government can't fix our roads, because they have no money.
    The government doesn't want to spend money on schools, because they say they don't have it.
    The government can't fix our hospital and health system because they don't have a single cent left in the bank.


    they have plenty of money to purchase a well reviewed piece of rubbish for $133 million per item, then go out and order 72 of the wretched things; against the wishes of the Australian Air Force
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    youre talking to the wrong people....

    i have the joy of actually being able to hassle our beloved PM as he doodles around on our badly maintained roads on his bicycle, apparently he enjoys holding up traffic as much as every other overpaid MAMIL does...

    unfortunately, he is just a figurehead, a spokesman.

    he doesnt make the decisions, nor make the policies.

    just the scapegoat, the fall guy.

    personality wise...he is a lot nicer than the witch that we finally ditched. he RIDES HIS BIKE AROUND HERE! (the only thing separating me from him at the northern beaches is a big national park...ku ring gai) he can actually be approached, his head is not up his... erm...derriere...but he also seriously has NO CONTROL. (and i still think hes spineless. i wanna PM that will say whats what and stick by it, bugger the critics. while i really did not like latham, and am glad he vanished...i liked the fact he had some history as being violent and uncouth...)

    could you seriously imagine being able to have a chat with good old krudd? doubt he even knew how to RIDE a bike...

    now, rather than spend time convincing me, and people from overseas that dont give a rats, erm...hind quarters (remember theyre even worse off than we are!!!!!)

    get on the net, get the email addresses for the actual fools that make all these policies and TELL THEM PERSONALLY.




    because, only the fools that actually send these sort of things in are the ones being LISTENED TO!

    and are NOT one of THEM!

    aussies like to whinge about this stupid rule and that stupid rule, but its the do-gooders with nothing better to do that come up with these ideas! the grumpy old sour faced prudes that DO send letters, by the hundreds!

    get out there and say it....cus on here, your voice is meaningless :)

    yeah, and im near a raaf base. i gotta hear these things going overhead!

    (you know that movie, gun? that was really about how useless the new military equipment was back then... point is, the designers arent actually designing for practicality, theyre just keeping the factories running.... who to defend against? theyre ALREADY HERE!!!!! WE are busy selling our LAND, our FARMS to them!!!! can you seriously see half our population supporting a fight against their country of origin? need i say which countries i refer to? we give em free housing, translators, money, everything!!!! and chuck our own citizens out on the streets. brilliant!!! :biggrin:

    tell me where to sign up so i can fight AGAINST my OWN country!!!! because with what theyre doing to us, i sure as hell dont want to fight FOR it!)
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    I have a tendency to favor older, proven technology. There is better parts availability and more people that know what it takes to keep them ready to fly. You don't want to have to solve the teething problems of a new, cutting edge aircraft unless there is simply nothing else that can perform the mission.
    A plane can't repel the enemy if it can't be maintained in a ready to fly condition.