trying to build a tricycle

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  1. cjren

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    this winter im hoping to build a motorized tricycle but dont reeally know what i need other than a tricycle and a motor.
    any help would be reaally nice.
    i saw a moped on craigslist for 50$ and was hoping i could just take everything off there and put it on the tricycle but im sure its not that simple.


  2. vegaspaddy

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    if you type trike into the search request it will give you plenty of builds for you to look at, and ideas to get started,from homemade to retrofits just search,

    oh and by the way welcome aboard
  3. cjren

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  4. vegaspaddy

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    well to start off you are going to need to figure out you are going to use your engine to drive your axle, if i was you i would look at this crazy build for ideas, how to use engine to move bike.....might be a squeeze getting that size of engine behind the rear seat.

    basically same sort of principles, same sort of engine driving an axle to propel yourself along. This build uses a belt drive or you could use chain drive, just keep searching..
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  5. cjren

    cjren New Member

    well i look at the bikes people made and i see like 6 chains running in all different ways.
    i dont really understand, maybe this is too complicated. i havent yet bought the engine so smaller is possible but id like to fo 30-40mph with me on it but still be able to pedal to.
    ive never really built anything to mechanically challenging but i didnt think this would be too hard to do.

    im worried about pretty much the whole thing. theres alot here i can mess up.

    my question for now is where do i start? so i get an engine then what?
  6. vegaspaddy

    vegaspaddy Member

    ok cjren,

    what you are trying to build isnt for the faint harded, you have to decide wether you want chain drive, belt drive etc then you have to work out sproket sizes etc, i like to build as well but i have stuck with the kits readily available from the various vendors.

    The way i see it i could try and do some homemade tinkering, but my metalworking skills are little if next to nothing, welding etc, out of my league, most of the guys who do homemade kits build amazing rigs and one thing they have in common, they have decent fabricating, welding, metalworking skills,

    If you want to build without blowing the bank try a happytime kit similar to the build you just visited, i was going to post a link to the electric/ht chopper,

    You should have no problem working with this engine, the problems you will have is engine fit on that trike you looked at.

    Ok so i think your happy with the happy time (2 stroke engine) hundreds of builds here and a ton of advise if you need it, check out thats dax website and you will find a excellent step by step walk threw of how to install the kit, U Tube is full of builds as well,

    The biggest problem is trying to find a trike to put it on, yes a conversion trike kit could work for you, but bike size will be a factor, if you check out the rolling pics on the banner you will see a 26inch three wheeler with happy time installed.
  7. vegaspaddy

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  8. cjren

    cjren New Member

    thanks alot for your guys help! 3185 .JPG
    thats what i want to do but is it possible without a gearbox with a different engine, 600$ is a lot out of my price range.
    the only difference in what i was hoping to build and that is the engine would be more where the little bucket thing is
    and i was going for a chain but still be able to use the pedals
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  9. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    try pocket bike motors and fancy scooter. you can find a 47cc two stroke motor for about a hundred delivered. they also have cvt transmissions for thirty or less. these will weigh one quarter of that lump you are thinking about. they are very compact also. you wont have much room to mount it. also i suggest you read for days, know what you want and then ask specific questions. the answers are here.
  10. terrence

    terrence Member

    Welcome cjren. Are you from Minnesota?
    You may need a centrifical clutch for that engine you showed. Here are a few links with tons of parts that I have ordered from in the past. You will need a bit of mechanical ability to move foreward. Its also fun to do a build with a friend to bounce ideas from each other. Have fun.....terrence

  11. cjren

    cjren New Member

    wisconsin actually
  12. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Hey guys,

    I tried searching, followed the links on this thread....

    An older guy, (200 lbs) was referred by my bike shop, wants to motorized a single speed Schwinn Trike, the one that sells new for about $250.

    I know Staton would be the best setup, when I checked that link vegas posted above, I see two frames (one says Trailmaster, the other is unnamed with a Mitsubishi), but there is huge discrepancy on the prices.

    Can somebody point me to the thread I'm looking for?? Looking for something with the 33 cc or 35 cc type setup.

    Appreciate it!
  13. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I hope someone who has built one of these will point me to a thread of experiences....but reading the specs on the Staton site, when I call the fella back tomorrow, am I correct that the MAIN requirement is having a 5/8" axle?

    Isn't that the standard size? (I've built some Worksman PAV's, those axles seem to be bigger, if I remember correctly.)

    Not having his Schwinn trike handy, it would be good to know if that 5/8" is pretty much 99% guaranteed, or if 5/8" is what most sprocket inside dimensions are.
  14. Youngbird

    Youngbird Member

    Schwinn trike axles are 5/8" Workmans come in either 15mm or 17mm depending on the model or size axle you order.
  15. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Thanks YB !

    I remember it took a socket over an inch to get those Worksman wheels off !

    So, I think I can tell the guy that the only special item he'll need is a chain cutter, or a drimel, to get that chain tension/masterlink correct.
  16. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Sprocket 5/8 inch ID 410H Machined 1/2 thick Gearbox, 13 to 17 teeth

    Final questions before I call the guy- he's not interested in speed, so the 13 tooth gear would be the best for torque/hill climbing, correct?

    and Staton mentions two chains, and the fuel tank as a separate item. Which makes me wonder, why?

    Chain 410H Silver Nickel, 1/2 x 1/8 , 98 Links.
    Chain 415H KMC EXTREME 1/2 x 3/16, 98 Links
  17. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate New Member

    I was going to make a similar thread but decided to search first to see if anyone else had asked this question. I would like to build a trike as well, out of a Gomier pushbike. Gomier_24_red.jpg

    Gomier already make an electric version of this bike, so it would lend itself well to being motorized. My concern was how to drive the rear wheel, I thought I could just adapt a standard single wheel kit to it, but after reading this thread, it looks a bit more involved.