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    I want to build a 1960s to 1970s stingray but I have not measured one in person yet so im still praying a 80cc stroke will fit. The one I am looking at one cragslist is a 1971 schwinn manta ray 5spd its silver and is like new beautiful condition the only thing is im prob kicking out about 500 bucks for it if i can get it If I cant get this im going to try and get as close as I can to it and do a full restoration on the bike and upgrades before I add the engine kit.......

    wow with all that out of the way can some one crush my dream and tell me its not going to fit it will save me a lot of time and future heart ache

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    Now that I know the motor will fit I made a offer on this bike right here I was wondering what you guys thought about putting a shift kit on it from Sick Bike Parts but was worried it would be too difficult. I would also like to put a tank on the back under the seat like a beer keg Is there a guide for that?

    I am here for any and all opinions and ideas so any thing you have to say about... tanks mounted under the seat... shifter kit... and what motor kit I should buy it would be awesome if you left me a message thanks in advance every one
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    I think this is the motor kit im going with... It looks like it is good quality and the parts arnt as cheap as some of the other kits I have read about for cheaper....

    can any one think of a better kit for around 200 bucks? Should I still replace the hardware in this kit . What are the best upgrades I could get for this kit? small stuff to make it more reliable and run better
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    Unless the merchant you are getting a kit from has replaced the hardware for you (I don't know if any of them do that), you will want to do that. The hardware is all pot-metal. Replacing all screws, threaded rod, and nuts with high grade steel is a small and affordable "upgrade" that should be done because it CAN be done inexpensively.
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    What store will have all the hardware? home depot? lowes? both?
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    You're going to find a bigger and better selection of the exact sizes you will need (ALL metric) at a hardware store like Ace or Tru-Value, especially since you will be able to buy ONLY what you need, like four nuts of a certain size instead of having to buy boxes of 10+, which is what you would find at a big box store.

    Sick Bike Parts and Pirate Cycles also both offer hardware packages for most of the replacement pieces you will need. (I've bought hardware kits from SBP and still had to go back to the hardware store for additional bits and pieces). Both have their hardware kits priced competitively compared to buying "ala carte" from a hardware store.

    Nice thing about going to a neighborhood hardware store, they will get to know you and your bike-- There have been several times where they have let me takes parts out to my bike before paying for them (brackets and such) to see if they will fit. Home Depot won't let you do that.

    Sick Bike Parts hardware kit

    Sick Bike Parts Head Stud Kits (engine-size specific)

    Pirate Cycles PK-80 hardware kit
  8. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member're going to have almost $1,000.00 or more in that bike by the time you're done.
    you could buy a motorcycle for that much!
    Don't let that statement discourage you tho....I say if you can do it, go for it.

    I have about $300.00 in my bike.
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    Yea I was going to just buy a beatup stingray and sand it down and do a total restoration but I found a 71 stingray in the rarest color that is literally like brand new condition so I just figured if I can get it for 500 its a good deal because I watched the same bike go for 1150 on ebay a month ago..

    I found this and it made me think that doing a restoration from a 50 doller stingray might be best because they have sooooo many parts that I could replace almost every part if I wanted to
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    WOW I realy like that bike I want that same front end on my bike

    what size are those tires? what size is that front end?

    If you took your fenders off how big of tires could you put on that bike?

    Does any one know a keg style tank that I can put in the back under my seat? thats not crazy expensive
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    the tires and rims are 20". the front tire is a 20 x1.75, and the rear is a 20 x 2.00 cheater slick. The front end is the one that came on the bike, so i have no idea what size it is. If i took the fenders off, i could not get much bigger tires on it. the ones that are on it are as about as big as i can go.
    I picked this bike up off craigslist for $40.00 complete. (minus the motor).
    I re-painted the frame, chopped the fenders, added the new tires, put on better pedals, added the sissy bar with shocks,added the white metal flake seat, and the headlight.
    get yourself a Heinekin mini keg from the liqour store. They are made of aluminum and they will polish up really nice once you remove the painted on Heinekin label. They may be a little bigger than what you're looking for, but it would be easy to turn one into a gas tank.