Trying to contact VYZHION


cheap ride

Hi all, I am desperately trying to contact Vyzhion ( chuck D) i read his post about the copper wire he attached to his Huasheng 4 stroke, I need to know how he removed the stock wire, it appears to be fused to the coil in manufacture, if any members are buddies of chuck could you ask him to check his Private Messages on the forum when he is on line next, I am dying to get this copper wire on my huasheng, so i will be very greatful if anyone can contact chuck for me, thankyou in advance Adrian (cheap ride ) Perth,Western Australia.:D

Hi Adrian,

I tried a PM to Vyzhion several days ago with exactly the same question. No reply yet. Maybe he's on vacation. I haven't seen any of his posts recently. Hope everything is OK......
I'M gonna keep tryin

Hi cruiser, i still cant get hold of him either, i've asked a few companies who sell our Huasheng kit and they don't know either, it looks like vyzhion may be the only one who knows, if i find out i'll let you know, and vise versa,:???:
Huasheng wire question

If I hear anything, I'll post here. I did change the sparkplug. Couldn't find the iridium plug at my local supplier, but he did have an Autolite 4194 which looks identical to the original. Seems to work OK.
I got the iridium plug

I got the plug from my local auto store $18.00 A.U.:D