Trying to design around my needs, for use in the field.

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    Hey -
    Been lurking for a while. Not having any test-riding experience, I have been trying to gleen the performance assessments of kits - like a lot of people, I guess! :detective:

    I have been considering a motored bicycle, specifically the Staton with NuVinci hub, likely the Subaru 33 or Mitsubishi 43. Leaning towards the Subaru.

    I have a long-ish hilly commute on paved roads, and otherwise I work largely in the outdoors... so what to do! I need something dependable and versatile - as a get around in the field (i.e. the great outdoors), and also just to get "to the office" on-time!

    Essentially my home is in the flats, but my work is waaaay up a mountain road. I stay up there several days a week, so I commute only 3 or 4 time a week. While up there I want good transportaion I can rely on, too..

    Anyway, to get up the mountain, it's about 35 miles and much of it is paved unused switchbacks that must be driven fairly conservatively when in my Volvo. I.e. not toooo fast. How will this bike perform, if loaded with some touring bags etc? I like to tour and pedal as well, so I hope to do that, but foremost I am looking for a bike that can also take the sting out of the commute costs, and have fun while doing it, and still bring my needed gear for the given expedition etc. And dare I ask about a trailer? Trailers would be purely optional, not a must-have, but fun.

    One other question is regarding frames: I will build heavy tires, 4x brakes (for coming home!), etc, but would the Montague MX "folder" frame work? I love this bike and it would be my first choice for convenience. I also like how many kits come a bit further forward on the back wheels, when installed on this style of frame. I'm thinking of the weight distribution. Otherwise it would be a full suspension for me, if I chose not to use the Montague.

    I'm really hoping to confirm my hopes that this will be a good system, as I hope to just build a great bike, not do a half job of it at first. Without a community like this, I would likely not be successfully! Thanks in advance for any beta you can provide! :D:helmet::cool2::evilgrin::goofy:
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    hi JamesB
    surprized and sorry to see that no one has gotton back with you
    when using suspension on the rear end -- with chain or belt drive -- complicates the matter greatly
    coffee here on the mountain top has not kicked in yet -- it's 4:11am
    hoping that a gentleman on site (Simple Simon) will chime in with some ideas for you
    have a good day -- from - MM
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    I have to disagree with the Mountainman on this one....
    On the Staton you mentioned...with full suspension, the whole unit mounts to the swingarm (rear) portion of the bike. So the chain drive presents no problem.

    here's a pic & some info from Staton's site: