Trying to find specs for my HT motor... any suggestions?

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    i purchased my engine kit (in the box) from someone on craigslist selling them for $100. (i do not have the guys contact info unfortunately) it did come with an instruction manual and specs for 3 different engines (50cc, 60cc, and 80cc) but i lost the manual since (a loosely put together packet of non descriptive info) it wasnt much help anyways. i know is from china and thats about it. i was wondering if there is a way i can get exact specs for it or one similar. i know its a 50cc engine kit. my sprocket looks a little thicker and a different cut/finish as the common kits i see online. what i know: 50cc slanthead 2 stroke, 44 tooth sprocket, throttle w/ kill switch, clutch lever, and a paper thin crome exhaust (that i immediately replaced)... all the hardware was as soft as chewing gum so i purchased my own hardware (nuts and bolts) the engine was COMPLETELY unmarked. the only sign of intelligent life was the chinese markings for the choke. and 4 letters on the carb (cant remember the letters) i was hoping to find manufacturer info and specs to print out and keep on the bike... can anyone help?:confused:

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    The 'someone' doesn't help. No idea of the vendor? There are some differences between kits.
    Also, this question would have gone better in the '2-stroke engines' section. You would have got more (relevant) replies.
    What specs are you after? A search would have found heaps. Even a quick look in '2-stroke engines'.
    A couple of the basics for HT engines are here:-
    HT Engine Specifications

    The quoted compression ratios are for the flat heads. A slant head has about an 8-8.5:1 ratio. The rest is applicable.

    Please rate it if you find it useful.

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    thanks steve. that was very helpful and did give me a basic idea... ive searched for specs but without much info it proved to be harder than i thought. i wish i knew the "someone" i purchased it from. he told me to call him and let him know how the instal went and if i was happy and when i tried calling his number was disconnected. maybe i was visited by the HT ghost haha. i just cant believe there arent any serial numbers or identifying marks of any kind. sorry about the misplaced post as well im still learning the website. i didnt know there was a "2 stroke" section haha. so thanks in aiding in the learning process as well haha :dunce: ill definently be giving your post a good rating. very helpful.

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    No problems, Jake. You'll find a fair bit of other useful stuff in the 'Sticky's' at the top of the '2-Stroke Engines' and 'General Discussion' sections.

    ... Steve