Trying to get a Grip on it !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by seanhan, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. seanhan

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    I want to replace the stock grips on my schwinn point beach.
    Got a question, The bike has a shifter on the grip (7 speed)
    the grip with the shifter is 2 pcs with part of the grip on the shifter
    The grip I see in the stores are both the same Length, so the one with the shifter is too long..
    do they sell a grip set with a short grip to fit the shifter side ????

  2. bamabikeguy

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    I've cut the end touching the shifter the two or three times I've replaced those ribbed type with the better gel grips.

    TIP: learned at a bike shop. When you slide the grip onto the bar, spray the bar with women's hair makes it slide on easier, and when it sets up, it stops it from slipping/turning/spinning.
  3. seanhan

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    Thanks !!!

    For the info Bama.
    I will try this weekend. !!!!
    I saw the hairspray thing on that bike repair web-site
    They also said to shoot some WD-40 under the old grips to pull them off easy.
    Now if it just stops raining !!!!
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    I've always used slightly soapy water. For both removing the old ones and sliding on the new ones. Works pretty well.

    but I'll have to give the hairspray a try. I get the feeling it'll dry out and "set" a bit quicker.
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  6. Esteban

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    I think your shifter is about like this one. If it is , you can see that the grip is shorter & a separate piece from the shifter. Cut it off, measure new grip & cut it to length , if too long, & install. I use hairspray as well. Make SURE shifter isn't pulled apart & is in correct position when grip is installed & butted up against it.

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  7. Kiwi

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    good ole windex works good. Or the cheapest hair spray you can find.
    For a really glued on grip, use spray paint. Just be warned, you will need to take a knife to the grip to get it off later