Break In Trying to start engine for the first time...starts then stalls!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Mohamad Azzo, Jun 20, 2016.

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    Hello all,

    I have a 2 cycle 66/80cc engine that I bought from Took a week to install because of their crappy parts but I am finally finished. At first, the bike wouldn't start at all. I would pedal and pedal and give it throttle and release the clutch and it would just stop the bike, making a pop sound. After adjusting the clutch, I finally got it to start...then die a few seconds later. The fuel line looked empty but it made no sense... The carburetor was leaking gas from the air filter part when I was pressing the tickle button... Anyone have an idea on what the problem is?

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    The "Tickle" button (lol) lets more fuel in the carb bulb by pushing the float down. If your leaking fuel by pressing it then stop pressing it. :) There could be a few things going on. There could be a clog in ur carb, which is not allowing fuel to get to the engine. So you could try dropping the bowl and taking a look, this happened to me one time when I mixed the oil/gas wrong and oil clogged up the carb. It could also be your choke, or your idle screw. After it starts push the choke lever down. And as far as the idle screw, I turn it clockwise in, then when the engine starts I slowly back it out to the desired idle that I want. Hopefully that helps a bit.
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    the inside of a new motor is very dry and may soak up a bit of fuel for a while - use choke to get it to try to start, then take choke off when it starts to pop to keep it running

    if several tries doesn't get it going, look at fuel flow
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