Tucson Police Department Harrassment

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    Police response times to serious crimes have increased due to "budget/manpower" restrictions. However, TPD has sufficient budget and manpower to harrass operators of motorized bikes.

    During the last two weeks, three people have told me that they were stopped by TPD officers for operating their bikes at 24-25mph, had their bikes IMPOUNDED, and received numerous associated citations. In each case, these individuals had previously lost their drivers licenses for various reasons, and their motorized bikes were their only means of transportation to their jobs.

    I do not advocate breaking the law, but this is absurd beyond reasonable belief. The punishment in no way fits the "crime". I think that it is immoral for the government to target and screw people who are trying to put their lives in order.

    The legal speed limit for a motorized bike is 19mph. If you are caught exceeding this, you can expect to be cited for operating a moped in a bike lane, having no registration, no insurance, and no drivers license (if you do not have one). In addition, your bike will be IMPOUNDED, with a costly process to recover it.

    This type of gestapo police activity is an infringement on all of our freedoms, not just those driving motorized bikes. All who read this should demand of their city council representatives that that fathead TPD police chief be held accountable for the proper allocation of his funding resources and manpower for the protection of the community. Last year, 113 TPD officers earned more than $100,000 because of "overtime". Now we have cops with so much time on their hands that they have to harrass riders of motorized bikes. Time for the citizens to kick the asses of the bureaucrats wasting taxpayers money when we are all being pinched by the current economy. I don't want cops wasting my money busting people riding bikes, motorized or not!

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    "This type of gestapo police activity is an infringement on all of our freedoms..." could it be that the cops have been getting complaints about how fast people are riding? So, then they decide to crack down. Remember your "freedoms" stop when you go too far and break a law.

    I'm not slamming you or the other riders. I have gone over the speed limit for bikes here in Florida. But I don't do it often or for a very long distance. But it DOES seem like those guys were drawing attention to themselves.

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