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    I nabbed an 80cc EK from Bikeberry over a month ago. Finally finished installing it on a Giant MTB. Since I don't have much experience with small engines, I took my time to do it right the first time.

    I couldn't believe the thing actually works. The printed instructions were badly translated and written for a garden tiller, not a bike. So, I had to go back to BikeBerry for the real instructions. Very funny, guys.

    I went the extra step of blowing another $50 for KREEM, fuel tank liner. After reading some of the post on the other motor bike forum, I probably could have save 50 bucks for beer.

    On the first ride, I was scared the whole thing would come flying off and break my legs. Since that didn't happen, I took it for another ride to figure out where I can improve on the vibration. I suspect most of it will go away after the break-in. I was not exactly careful with the gas/oil mixture. So, I am a bit concerned about that.

    On the second ride, I rolled in traffic to help out with a community garden, carrying a shovel. It was a lot of fun!

    I am reading as much I can to reduce vibration, and increase speed to around 30mph for the longer rides. I want to hook-up with other gas bikers around Tulsa, OKC, and NWA, for rides, swap tips/stuff, pick up chicks, and drink lotsa BEER. Am I bad?:jester:
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    As to the vibrations, if you followed all the threads (which is impossible), then you zip tied the spokes.

    And if you haven't yet, you will be surprised how much firmer the steering becomes, esp. at higher speeds.

    It will give you a little peace of mind when you bottom out a pot hole.

    Anyway, good riding.