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    Hi, thought I'd share my findings today during my tune-up. Bike was running a little funny and was getting a lot of vibration around 20mph. It was also idling funny. Sometimes idling high and sometimes it would just kill. I knew it was the engine causing the vibration so I did some trouble shooting today.

    I found that my gasket on the intake manifold had fell apart. I have one on order but I made a temporary one out of a paper plate and used some lube to make sure it had a good seal.

    Decided I was tired of my rattle can muffler. The guy I purchased my kit from knows that these mufflers ends tend to fall off so he welds his closed on all his kits. I have a new one on order but thought what the heck, lets open it up. Got the grinder out and removed the welds on the sides and on the nut. All kinds of baffle pieces fell out. I tried to bend the remaining baffles back or cut them out. I saw where others on this board had stuffed course steel wool inside to quiet the muffler. I pulled apart a piece of steel wool and stuffed the muffler. I found a heavier duty bolt and lock washer to hold it back together and used a pipe clamp around the outer flange.

    Conclusion.... bike is running back to normal and is much quieter. Back to about the normal exhaust sound when I first started it.