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  1. Does anyone know if it is even possible to put a turbo on an air cooled motor of any kind? If so is there a "minimum" engine size required to build up enough turbo pressure? anyone even tried this at all?

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    The short answer: no, it's not possible. I had a nice long post almost ready to go explaining all the ifs, ands, and buts of turbocharging a small 2 stroke engine but it was starting to get winded so I scrapped it.

    Essentially it was this: you can try and you might probably succeed, but the end result will be finicky, hard to start, and blow crank seals every 15 minutes. On top of all that it'll cost you many, many thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of design work because there's no commercially available turbocharger small enough for a 66cc engine to spool.
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    two stroke engines are effectively supercharged anyway, the fuel air mix gets compressed in the crank case
  4. ok. any idea of how small a motor is required to spool a small turbo? feel free to email me the longer version of this if you would like and still have it.
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    A Lifan 125 or similar might be able to spool an RHB31 turbocharger, but you'd need a pressurized oil feed system and applying boost to carburetors is iffy at best.