Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by scrollerguy, Jul 14, 2007.

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  1. scrollerguy

    scrollerguy Guest

    :cool: HMMMMMM! I ran across this tonite on Ebay, if I had the money I would buy this![​IMG]

    This I would love to play with.


  2. rcjunkie

    rcjunkie Guest

    Unless the 2 stroke engine has valves, a turbo is not very effective.
  3. SlicerDicer

    SlicerDicer Guest

    yes but he runs a crazy 4 stroke :)
  4. OldPete

    OldPete Guest

    Detroit Diesels are 2 strokes that have 4 exhaust valves, intake ports surround the cylinder, a blower feeds the air box and a turbo generally feeds the blower. I have overhauled 250++ of these units during my working life.