turn signal idea

its possible,

you would have to fab a mounting box to protect them and then make your own switch to control the arrows, these projects are always fun tinkering with but end up always costing more than you expect ( for me anyways). I just got my 12 volt system working, all i have to do now is get everything put on the bike.
I was thinking two cheep water proofed project boxes. with a singel battery. and two momentary switches.
Green Ive seen on alot of sites a lil silver tail light with 2 arrows on the unit also for turn signals, at night it looks like it would work fine. Not too expensive either.
I need help with turn signals
how to wire this dop 3 x flasher
I have no idea, WP_20150223_001.jpg
I really need instructions for dummies thanks
liamo im doin my flasher relays right now its pretty simple red (B+) goes to power black (E-) goes to ground then the green (L) goes to power on the bulb while the ground on the bulb is chassi ground or battery ground or tap it to the black wire on the flasher unit.

B+: battery +
E- : earth/ground
L: load / power from the bulbs u want to fash

if ur using a switch wich im sure u are the red wire from the flasher goes to the power on the switch.

i hope i helped u out. i know electronics can be confusing. just lemme know how it works out.
Can u post a pic or a model number or a site for ur switch. That would help me out a lot in giving a more detailed run through. If I gt to I can draw up a "dummy drawing". No offense, that's just my dad echoing in my head. Lol. A joke when I ask for a diagram for anything.