Turned into strong head wind, engine died

Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by TracyT, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. TracyT

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    I took my first test-run from my house to my office and back tonight. The 6 mile round trip took 30 minutes (including three stops for adjustments).

    On the way back I took off pedaling into a bit of a head wind, once I hit 7mph I gave the bike some gas and sped up. Just about then a gust of wind hit me and the engine died. A mile or so later I turned into a strong wind (from riding perpendicular to it) and the engine died. Both times I just restarted it and took off riding again.

    I'm using a Staton friction kit with a Robin/Subaru EH035.

    Is this sort of headwind problem common? And by strong wind I mean a steady wind of 20 mph with gusts of 25 to 30.


  2. Alaskavan

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    I've never had that problem with my Staton friction Mitsu tle43, and it gets pretty windy here. About the only things that come to mind are: 1. A wire that shorts when the bike is at a particular angle?, or 2. The fuel pick-up not in the gas when at a particular angle?
  3. TracyT

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    Thanks Alaskavan. Yeah, I thought it was kind of strange and doubted it was the engine or drive.

    I will check into your suggestions, though.

  4. loquin

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    Possibly... IF you have leaking insulation in your kill switch wiring, when you turn into the wind, you have a portion of the wire being pressed against the frame by the wind, shorting out the switch.

    Or, if you turned the same direction both times, it has to do with the wiring being stretched & pressed against the frame somewhere where it normally isn't (as Van mentions above).
  5. TracyT

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    Thanks Loquin! I'll check that out tonight. It's been raining here the last couple of evenings so I haven't gotten to test anything since I went out Monday night and had the problem.