Turns on but won't accelerate. 2 stroke raw engine user..

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Bruce44, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. Bruce44

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    Been riding for a while now and recently came across some issues and looking for some help!

    I have a RAW engine 2 stroke on a beach cruiser.

    My engine turns on every time but will not kick into gear an accelerate! Please help. It worked perfectly fine before. The bike sat for 4 months but has no rust still perfectly clean. Ran like a dream before..

    Please any info will be better than these idiots I have to go to in my town!

  2. olow

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    sonds like u may have an air leak on the intake manifold check let me no also make sure ur throttle is working pics would be nice
  3. Big Red

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    Hey Bruce, Check the gas. Sitting for 4 months could have let condensation accumulate in the tank. Or it could just be a little junk plugging the carb jet. Either way it's a simple fix. Drain the gas from the tank AND carb and put in fresh. (Test Ride). If it still ain't running right, pull the float bowl, unscrew the jet and clean it out with carb cleaner or compressed air.(Test Ride). If it still runs like carp, take two asprin, For the headach you have by now, and get back to us. We'll figure it out.
    Big Red.