TWIN briggs on ebay

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by militarymonark, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Those are cool too, but those engines are designed to run laying down (vertical shaft) rather than standing up (like a harley engine)
    I think (not positive) that you can change the carb so that you can stand it up and make it a horizontal shaft (which is what you'd need for a bike).
    but besides all that, you'd have to make engine mounts, and these 16 horse briggs engines are Heavy. you'd have to figure out a clutch and gearing as well.
    again, i'm not saying that it can't be done, just saying that it would be a lot of work in my opinion.
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    yeah, its a lawnmower engine... really heavy for those 16hp because they run slow... but keep running

    ive seen them used in choppers on youtube, but possibly as actual registered bikes, not bicycles.

    keep it legal, grrrr!
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    The oiling system slinger on a verticle shaft engine is different than on a horizontal shaft engine. You must take that into account.
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    B + S Makes a Vanguard 18 HP * Horizontal * shaft engine . Better suited,
    for vehicle use, would be heavy. Vanguards use a pressurized oiling system, with spin on filter. Probably make a good engine for use in States with liberal laws, or for off road use. High torque output at low RPM, probably best suited for trike use.
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    Yeah - I've seen where those vanguard engines have been put on motorcycles, using an industrial sized CVT.