Twin to a 410 chain?

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  1. I've got a Grubee kit that uses a 410 chain on the drive side. I have no issues other than the chain that I have has some stiff links. I've been going through and "loosening" them but, I was wondering, if I were to get a better chain, what matches a 410 in size? I see so many different ways of distinguishing different chains and from a photo online, it's impossible to tell if it's even close. Is a 41 chain the same as a 410? And what's with all those other numbers that you see online like "T-244 Chain Short heavy duty 1/2" x 3/16" 45-Link." My eyes glaze over too quickly on this stuff so I'm trying to wrap my head around it as I slowly improve my motorbike. thanks!

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    don't bother with another Chinese 410 chain

    Yes a #41 chain is a good substitute for the #410. The chains that come with the kit are poor in my opinion. Mine stretched so much I was constantly adjusting my tensioner. The only significant difference between the 410 and 41 is the width (#41 is a smidgeon wider) but the distance between rollers is the
    same 1/2". Here's a good chain for cheap, stretches far less and side flex is much less.
    (It also came with a master link)
    Take care
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    Here's some links that describe most common chain size and pitches used in scooters, carts, and such.

    Don't believe all the crud about having to use bigger stronger chains. Personally, I'm using BMX chain on my bike with over 1K miles and no breaks. I won't, however, use a master link in my chain. I believe them to be weak--personal opinion. I'll probably drop down to 8mm if I can't locate a certain sprocket that I want. I didn't believe it at first, but even the lightweight looking 8mm chain is Plenty Strong for our applications. Not that you could use it with your engine; I'm just sayin'.
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    Usually the kits come with 415, but a 410 is just 1/16th of an inch narrower between the plates so it would not surprise me greatly if kits were sent with them. The kit chains are known to "stretch" but I never heard of a break...not that it probably hasn't happened to somebody.

    The use of the #41 chain, in my case at least, is not due to strength issues, but it does help a little with alignment issues because it is not sensitive to alignment as a narrow chain.
  5. Just as an update, I went to WalMart and bought one of their Bell chains. It fits perfectly. IF anyone is interested in the sizing, I think I still have the packaging. I just took my chain down there and compared it to what they had. It works much better and smoother than the kit chain. There are no tight joints or popping. I've got a Manic Mechanic sprocket and hub on order. I can't wait to see how much that helps smooth out the bike.
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    I think that the chain supplied with shift kits from SBP is 410.
    It's 1/2" x 1/8", KMC, part number Z410 and stamped 9F-4. It's a little wider than standard multi-speed chain.
    I have enough left over to try instead of the 415H, from countershaft to jackshaft primary.
    I'll still use a master link, though, for easier jackshaft servicing.

    ... Steve
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    Simple cheap common chain for grubee replacement has KMC Z chain BMX 1x1 chains that are the same exact width as the grubee stock chains. They also do not bind up easily, and are only about $3-7 each. Plus they come in various colors!

    I'm using one now, in the plain silver color. I got brown ones for $3 for spares.