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    I may have found the answer to my question in a search but let's see if I understand correctly.

    I have a 15 Speed Huffy that will be my donor bike. It has twist grip shifters. If I read right in another thread I found in a search, I can just move the rotating part of the shifter inboard of the hand brake lever bases? So on the right side I'd have, from the center out, shifter, brake, throttle; and on the left I'd have shifter, clutch, brake (maybe the other way?), and handgrip?

    I just posted a brief note in the intro section. I hope to be able to contribute to the group as soon as I understand a bit more of what motorized bikes are all about.

    Thanks, in advance.


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    That is how my Skyliner is set up. Its a decent compromise as you will rarely be shifting while motored.
  3. If you keep both shifters,put the clutch and BOTH shifters on the left then the throttle and BOTH BRAKE LEVERS on the right. It will look rather funky on the left but believe me it's far less complicated. If you have a shifter on the right it gets too in the way of your throttle and if you have a front brake on the left it gets in the way of your clutch.
    Set up your handlebar up like this:

    Later on you'll see that you rarely use your front gear changer. Eliminating that cleans it up nicely.
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    Thanks for the fast responses and answers. It's great to have advice from someone who's dealt with the same issue(s). No point in re-inventing the wheel!


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    i shortened the bike chain removed both derailers and put the chain on a medium gear setting, converted the twist shifter to a throttle and a rapid fire shifter to a clutch so all i have on the bars is brake levers and two shifters i'll post a pic soon
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    here's what my bars are like

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