Two motor questions, wiring lights, oil leak?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by artmaker, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. artmaker

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    Hi all,
    Just got my new toy a few weeks ago.

    Been riding like crazy, trying to take it easy as it's breaking in yet.

    In delivery my kill switch got smashed. (As did the fenders... grrrr. DHL sucks!)
    Well today my son wired up a new button, works great!

    Next... along with the bike I was sent a tail light complete with wire, and a headlight, need to buy wire. But the guy who sold it to me never really hooked it up. Said he thinks it's a white wire under the motor.
    My son is an electronics whiz but he can't figure where any power comes out of this motor. Said no power comes from that wire.

    Anyone have a clue? (I could take better pictures if this helps.)

    Also I don't know what make/model this motor is. Suppose I should find out. At some point it will need parts. Does anyone recognize this type of motor?

    Finally... there seems to be black oil collecting on the front of this motor, and down the exhaust pipe. Occasionlly on my leg too! This can't be good.
    Looks like it's seeping out where the exhaust pipe is bolted onto the cooling fin thing. I tried tightening those two bolts once, seemed to help. But didn't completely fix this.

    So... any opinions on this? Perhaps I pushed too hard before it was broken in? ruined a gasket???
    It's not a bad amount really, just enough to gum up the nice shinny exhaust pipe. Thought I should ask about this.

    Finally what is a good product to use to clean that up?
    For that matter, any suggestions for cleaning the entire bike would help too.


  2. bikejunkie

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    I am not an expert on these, but on my motor the white wire did have 6 volts while the motor was running. As far as the oil goes I was told that the exhaust pipe would have to be cleaned out every 20hrs to keep from having build up. Good luck
  3. Bronzebird

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    yep you got limited watts hope you have LED lights

    White wire out of motor is positive and run to CDI black ground location. Mine is a water bottle allen screw to frame. Book states 3.75 watts available. If you exceed that power supply the engine will die when lights are on. Check the wattage rating of lights.
    I'm running rich oil mix and expect some build up drips out of the muffler. Drip pan catch until 20:1 ratio or leaner is obtained. I hope some "longevity Kings" share their knowledge of what works.
  4. artmaker

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    Thanks... I'll pass the light tip onto my son. (my personal electrician.)

    The oil though, not coming out of the end of the exhaust. not if it's splattered ON the pipe itself. I still think it is seeping from the point where the exhaust is attached to the motor. Tightened the bolts as much as I can. Hope the gasket didn't get cracked.

    Say... another problem now. First flat. Only this one is right where the metal rim meets the tire. Either I let it get too low, or there might have been a defect, I don't know but the tire is torn and obviously the tube is shot.

    I already emailed the guy who sold me this asking for the bike shop he bought the bike at. BUT... in case he doesn't answer, does anyone know where to get parts for this bike? The deluxe 6 manhattan cruiser? (See my first post.) I really want to get the exact same tire. (And hopefully they make a thick tube. (I have extra thick tubes on my 12 speed. NICE. Heavier but worth it.)
    If you plug "deluxe 6 manhattan cruiser" into google, their main site comes up with a search for dealers. So far NONE that I tried (that have websites) seem to carry this bike. Very frustrating.
  5. Bronzebird

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    Do you torq the head bolts?

    Oil on the pipe is suspicious. New thicker gasket is what I would do instead of chancing to break bolt or strip threads. Tell me you are torqing the 4 head bolts to 12 foot pounds before every ride? head gasket leaks are not cool, warps one side of cylinder from excess heat.
  6. bikejunkie

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    I had several flats at first with my gebe. Everytime I had a flat the whole thing had to come off. I have since put in mr tuffy liners and slime tubes and have not had a single issue again. You can get the liners at any bike shop and they run about 20.00 for both tires
  7. artmaker

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    No... not sure what that means.

    My bike is at my aunts until I get a tire and tube. But I'll take some better pictures and post them ASAP ok? That may help.

    As for the tube/liner post, well... I'll look into it, but where this tire blew was right at the tire edge where it goes into the rim. I did not run over anything. It just tore there. (I'll know more when I remove it.)
    I did notice a spot that didn't look right. Not fully seated in the rim.
    (Yes I know, I should have deflated and checked that BEFORE it blew.)
    So my best guesses are I either let it get low, or it had a defect and just blew, and would have eventually anyway.
    The bike was beat to **** by DHL. That might... MIGHT have caused some damage too. Again, once I get it off, I'll check the rim real good. Make sure there are no dings, burs etc.