two motors?

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    HI NEW GUY. Doess anyone else find this site (forums regIstration etc.etc) really confusing
    And time consuming? Anyway, I live in. Upper Iowa. I have already built (and been pulled over on)an 80cc "Huffy Davidson". There is hope however, motored bikes can be licensed as mopeds. They must have full lights plate holder and my favorite the orange flag. Top speed is 30, 35 down hill. How quickly you get to 30, or engine displacement are open. I am legalizing a micargi prado and I think the frame is big enough for 2 motors. Has anyone tried this yet?
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    Hi welcome to MBc.
    Forum reg here is pretty standard for most sites today.
    As to two motors, one member here has two rack mounted motors and I've seen recent discussion about a inline twin arrangement.
    One thing that might come up per your comments on licensing as a moped is that most states have either a cc or hp maximum on mopeds, or both.
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    I saw a pic of a stretch cruiser bike with 2 frame mount China motors on this site or the "other" one.
    It looked like he just used a pair of motor mount plates. I dont remeber how he arranged to get the power of both engines to the rear wheel.

    I would take the easy way out if I were to use 2 motors. I'd frame mount a China motor
    and install an electric hub motor on the front wheel.
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    5-7 Heaven is dual engine, but friction drive, one on the front, and one on the back. Not what you are looking for I imagine :)