two or three of your most favorite threads ?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Mountainman, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. Mountainman

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    a pretty simple one here
    motorized bicycle riders

    two or three of your most favorite threads ever ??

    always wear your safty equipment
    as you ride those THINGS


  2. sparky

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    Lemme go ahead and tell ya, I think this guy Sparky is one hecka cool.

    And it'd be cool if you could go rate his Crash Course for N00Bs as 5-star level... because Arceeguy gave him one star out of spite, and that's not fair. More people need to gimme some lovin'. :cool2:

    And I've got lotsa other threads, but they're in the Combustion Chamber. Excluding those, I'd say that Large's Mods were always awesome. I liked the idea for a tractor seat, the geared hub on the trike, and lots of his tweaks.

    And I came across this "EVEN BETTER seat" I linked to a few weeks ago. I'm gonna get one someday!!

    I think that $80 or $90 seat is the best thing to happen to biking.

    EDIT: Looks like there's some $38 to $50. WOW. Best thing ever.
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  3. Mountainman

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    let's keep it real sparks

    let's keep it real sparks
    the first statement above is mostly in your own mind
    and that seat would look more than silly on any behind !!!

    keeping it real to the facts today -- MM
  4. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Reminds me of "Jimmy" on Seinfeld. (referring to himself in the third person)

    I never read your thread, nor have I voted on your thread. But since you decided to personally attack me, I read it and voted. A senior member should not be behaving the way you do IMHO. BTW - your "crash course" contains too much personal opinion, and not enough "real" information. I couldn't give it zero stars, so one will have to do.
  5. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    arceeguy... "a senior member should not be behaving the way do"?!?!? Are you serious??

    Why don't you ever stay on topic?

    If you see a thread titled "2 or 3 of your favorite threads"... why bother clicking it if you have no such favorites?? Craziness.

    And why wouldn't I refer to sparky in the third person?? *I* am a real person. sparky is not.
  6. Mountainman

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    please only post here serious that you think to be
    important possibly helpful threads for other motorized bicycle riders

    all posted threads should include working links

    thank you from - MM
  7. arceeguy

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    Yes, I'm dead serious. You and others have a special title that differentiate you from other MBc members. You are the one that constantly has to change their signature because it attacks other members personally, or is politically charged. You posted in this thread in a lame attempt to pat yourself on the back and attack me personally at the same time. At least they changed "Site Leader" to "Senior Member" because a leader you are not! And from what I can see, the prerequisite for being a "Senior Member" is being a flaming liberal.

    [seinfeld]Ooooohhhhh! Jimmy's DOWN!!!!![/seinfeld]

    I kind of figured that "sparky" was a big fraud, everything fabricated. You can't even post pictures of a beat up BMW you supposedly own. "arceeguy" is real, and it is just a name that is used online instead of my real name.

    In any case, to the rest of my fellow MBc friends, here's a couple of my favorite threads - but to view them you'll need access to the combustion chamber forum. PM Tom to be granted access. And while your there, check out the current posts and add your opinion!
  8. Pablo

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    That thread is in need of serious update. Many products and suppliers are not even listed.
  9. sparky

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  10. sparky

    sparky Active Member

    How can sparky be a fraud if he's not a real person?

    Also... how can one fulfill a conditional promise if the condition was never fulfilled?? Like, I say... "I'll have pictures when the weather is good"... what makes you think I'll take pictures when it's storming outside for 2 weeks straight?
  11. Pablo

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  12. Mountainman

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    I like these

    Poll: SAFE TOP SPEED FOR MB -- is ???

    I Love My Motor Bike (poem)

    They Fought For The USA -- Soledad poem

    Riding MBs - Necessity or Therapy ?

    How Many Miles Did You Get On Happy Time before the times became unhappy ?

    as we ride these things