two speed rear sprocket.... with one sprocket!

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  1. HeadSmess

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    my mate has one of those greenspeed recumbents. ridiculous number of gears. hub, derailleur...i think i got 63? 9x7? yup.

    then double that cus its got a funky chainring.

    im sure some of us have seen them.

    im sure some of us havent either!

    so, on the rear they would work in reverse...overdrive would become reduction, etc. use a huge rear sprocket for added torque, that shifts and acts like something half its size!

    gotta have a better look at one and see if its retro fittable!

    or maybe modifiable... shame planetary gears are tricky to cut :(

    i know the multi speed rear has been attacked one way or another and maybe someones already been down this path...iunno?

    i hate the idea of jackshaft kits cus i dont think much of putting that drive through a freewheel. seen em fail too often under normal use! and as for derailleur chain :rolleyes:
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  2. KCvale

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    That is a funky front chainring.

    "With Schlumpf's gearing systems, two gear ratios are available without the chain moving between gears, and there's no front derailleur, shifter, or cables to maintain or clutter up your bike. You simply shift with a quick heel movement against the push-button axle in the center of the crank arm."

    The Mountain Bike reducer might be handy for a direct drive single speed beach cruiser to make it easier to start the bike unless it costs as much as the bike ;-}

    As for Jackshaft freewheels yes the cheap ones fail with anything over a 48cc stock motor, the HD ones however hold up to everything I have thrown at them and I thrown a LOT at them ;-}
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  4. LR Jerry

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    My Staton Inc shiftkit has never failed on my 5 speed autoshift bike. However I do have stainless steal chainrings and 2 White Industries Trails freewheels. I use a KMC 415 and a Sram 890 chains.
  5. HeadSmess

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    i agree with that price. wow! maybe a used one?

    i think the 'bent costs somewhere around 2500?

    hey, it was just an idea, lol!

    i dont really need any gears. but it would be nice to shift through a box :) briiiiing, bap bap bap, bwiiiing, bap bap bap, brrriiiiiiiiiiii.........

    looking more, 2.5 thats a steep shift. a hi speed 36er would act like a 90! mountain goat :)

    fine, im going back to the box idea :(
  6. KCvale

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    You couldn't use that for a jackshaft, the pedals don't freewheel and you can't add the second sprocket for the motor drive.

    $625 for a bottom bracket, what a bad joke, you can build a nice complete 2-stroke shifting bike for less than that.

    But hey, it's priced to the spandex crowd so more power to 'em hehehe ;-}