Two speed Staton

Start a little long and work you way down turning it in a drill against a file. Ideally, you should be able to tighten against the bronze leaving just the right amount of slack between the washers and idler. Not living in a ideal world, I use the lock nut to adjust tension on the washers so the arm is stable but moves freely and yes my bronze bushing is a few thousands short.
So I should err a little long on the bronze bushing then... Why don't you get another bushing yourself? Seems like it would be pretty cheap and easy to make happen..
Mines just where I want it. If I snug all the way down with the nut, the idlers movement is too stiff. Backing off the nut 1/16 - 1/8 turn gives a stable idler that moves free.
Well, I was thinking that if the thing is just a few thousandths long, then I could tighten the nut down nice and snug while still letting the arm move free...
Guys, I really thank you for answering my questions. I honestly can't think of any more to ask! That credit card should arrive in the mail either today or tomorrow and I start ordering things like a madman. This is gonna be one beast of a ride.

Uh oh... Just thought of another couple questions. Spoke too soon.

1. If the 12 tooth is not low enough for me, does anyone know if it is possible to place two regular staton sprockets on the end of the driveshaft if I were to grind them both down to 1/4"? What kind of problems do you forsee? It seems like all I would have to do is slide the two gears on and put the retaining ring in and it would still work.

2. Or perhaps is it possible to get the staton gear drive itself in a different ratio?