Two stroke can run "backwards" right?


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Jan 6, 2008
Lindsay,Ontario. Canada
I don't know if I am correct but I seem to remember from many years ago that a motor could backfire and end up running backwards. My point is that if we could get the chinese engines to go backwards it would open up a whole new way of doing things.If we flipped engine around we could hook chain to right side sprocket allowing us the use of the gears on the rear of the bike. High speed would be fast! Any thoughts?
Thankyou mickey, was not much there though eh? That one guy was so wrong about the eg. port. It's been so very long but I seem to remember having a motor on an old tractor or something. As the motor was being turned off and if it backfired it would strt running backwards. This will bug me for a long time.
I pictured the rig as powering a freewheel crank, similar to the cyclone electric rather than directly powering the rear hub. That way, you could still bump start it by pedaling despite the freewheel on the hub itself.

I encourage you to try this cooltoy. It would be a sweet mod.
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50's vintage Mercury outboard motors, had no reverse gearing. You pulled the throttle to what now would be neutral and the engine stopped. Pulling the throttle into the reverse position and the engine would crank backwards. I imagine it also altered the ignition timing.
Ya Kerf, I think your right and the old golf carts also used reverse ignition to run reverse. It might just be a case of a few degrees retarding/advancing beyond Top Dead Center. Not positive though.
The throttle had a thumb button on the end of the handle the operated the starter. It would open the carb butterfly if you moved it forward of center and also if you moved it aft of center. Through some nifty linkage it also rotated the magneto to change the timing. I bet if you searched the net, it's out there.
Sorry for reviveing an old thread but i have an old yamaha 2 stroke cart that runs backwards for reverse, I dont think it changed the timing at all for reverse, ill have to check out the electricals to see what it all does.Ive also heard of the old 2stroke detroit diesels running backwards by accident(my freinds in diesel tech)