two stroke vs four stroke

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by wilbur, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. wilbur

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    Hi guys .I was wondering what the pros and cons of two stroke vs four stroke would be .My main thing would be if you had two engines with same cc and ,h.p. ,which one would be faster and more powerful.I know 2stroke (more smoke,more maybe more power,also more noise but ,less moving parts and weight.Thanks .

  2. Warner

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    Although there are MANY posts like this on various places on this site, I will offer my brief opinion:

    The only advantages that a 4 stroke has are that you don't have to mix gas and oil, and they can be quieter. That's it (in my opinion).

    The advantages of a 2 stroker are: Lighter, simpler, no crankcase oil to worry about changing, more powerful, made to run at full throttle for extended periods of time.

    Needless to say, I am running a 2 stroke. Mitsubishi TLE43.

    There's one opinion for you,

  3. Mountainman

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    some searching will find you much regarding this

    some searching will find you much regarding this very well dicussed issue
    but -- pretty much agree with Warner there
    but -- solid built four strokes can also run full throttle for long periods

    4-strokes usually have much more torque

  4. wilbur

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    Thanks guys .I did a search but I couldnt find anything.I am thinking of getting a Honda gx35 or 50.Are they good engines?.
  5. Warner

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    It's hard to go wrong with a Honda'll be fine with either of those engines...

  6. wilbur

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    Thanks for the tip Warner!!.
  7. Mountainman

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    excellent choice -- ride that HONDA thing

    Honda -- very well known for

    no problems -- as we get -- long time -- fun time ride

    have had many Hondas over the years with thousands and thousands of miles

    never wore one out -- never replaced more that just points and plugs

    ride that HONDA thing
  8. fetor56

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    Both are excellent engines....the 35 is a little noisy & underpowered(particularly on hills) but u get use to that.
    The 50 has a fair bit more power & it's more versatile with the amount of different kits/parts available.
    4-strokes are built for LONGEVITY.
  9. HoughMade

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    I just loves my Honda GXH50.
  10. wilbur

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    How is the gx50 on noise ,gas and power ?.
  11. my 2-stroke does not smoke and has plenty of power and is running great.
  12. azbill

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    my 4 stroke (HuaSheng 49cc) gets approx 200mpg :)
  13. wilbur

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    WoW!!.Thats super!.
  14. wilbur

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    Hey Az Bill?. What engine do you have exactly,and are they good quality? .I think I found them at
  15. alex

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    If you ask me, there's nothing like a zippy little two-stroke buzzing away, And with the expansion chamber that I'm running, it sound cool.

    Also the fact that it is a two stroke kind of adds nostalgia to the bike, It makes it look more old school and retro. And if you get a ht kit, the fact that it has a manual clutch makes it more fun than a centrifugal. (And that's a fact)

    And for me, a HT kit looks a little more mad max ish, witch I think is cool.

    But, you also can't go wrong with a honda.

    Go ahead and get a four stroke....... that'll leave more two strokes for me!!!!!:grin5:
  16. wilbur

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    Two strokes

    Each motor has its good and bad pointsand, I would love to try a mid engine H.T. motor but,The laws are very strict in N.Y. and I would stick out more with that set up.
  17. azbill

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    here are the specs for my engine:

    Specifications for Hua Sheng Motor

    Type 4 -stroke .............OHV 1 cyl 4 -stroke
    Eng. displacement...........49cc
    Output Shaft Rotation.......CCW
    Bore & Stroke ............41.8 x 35.8 mm
    Max. Power ..............1.4 KW/ 6800 rpm
    Max. Torque .............2.0 Nm / 4500 rpm
    Max. rpm no load............7500rpm
    Output Shaft size...........15.853 dia. x 33.5mm /15.875/ 5/8 inch
    Fuel consumption............480g / Kw Hour
    Engine Cooling..............forced air
    Engine size:L x W x H.......400*320*355
    Net wt. without tank........5.7kg
    Engine PTO rotation.........CCW
    Crankcase oil volume........0.25L
    Eng. Compression ratio......7.4
    Engine idle rpm.............1800±152

    hope that helps you :cool2:
  18. wilbur

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    Thanks! AzBill > Everyone on this Board is great !!!.Wow 1.4 ?.Is that enough power for you?.
  19. wilbur

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    Az .Thee is a model #DP049 from Henshe that is 1.5 h.p.at7000 .Looks a lot like a Honda and the recoil says H.s. 50 .Of course its out of stock and the price is 150.00.You really get 200 M.P.G.?!!!.
  20. Happy Valley

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    I have both and after all the pro/cons are said for each for me it comes down to exhaust note. The 2 strokes I have are the relatively quiet Mits TLE43s but in the end it I prefer the lower pitch of the 4s.