Two & Three Story Bikes

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    I was at the VA Hospital about a month ago. I got there early , so i sat in the park for a while, to kill some time. I saw these 2 guys ride by, i tried to get a better pic, but this was the best i could do. I did'nt get the chance to talk to them, or else i would have told them , they need an engine on their rides. The guy on 2 story bike only has one arm. I wish i could have seen the mounting/dismounting procedure. Just when you think you've seen everything, someone comes along, & shows you that you have'nt.

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    It would be a way to keep away from the oil, heat, and petrol,
    of a HT motor...good pic, at least you got to take it.

    I'm imagining, stopping against a telegraph pole to dismount.
    And am hating to think about stopping at lights.
    imagine falling onto someone's car roof, whilst stationary.
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    a friend of mine out in la built one of those you run alongside the thing get it rolling and hop up on it from the peddle on the right side once your on it there is no stopping until your done then you just swing your leg back over and come to a running stop he has all kinds of crazy bikes he builds in the back yard if you search movieindian in you tube you can see some off them
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