U guys wash your bike?



I was noticing how quickly my shiny new bike got all grungy and dirty and I wonder if there's a good way to wash it? Anyone wash their bike? ANy recommendations on what type of soap/degreaser to use? How to keep the engine mostly dry? Any other considerations I'm missing? Please help... Thanks!



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3:50 AM
Feb 18, 2008
You gotta wash it sometime!
I ride skinny-tire road bikes (motored and non-motored) and like to keep them all shiny and spotless. Not only do I like the look of a clean bike, it really makes problem-spotting and maintenance easier. But I appreciate that other people might ride on gravel, trails, or mud. If you ride hard, you might just hit it with a garden hose and a wet/soapy rag. An air hose with a spray nozzle is handy whether the dirt is wet or dry. Just beware around bearings, natch.
Two-stroke exhaust is sooty and oily. I used braided stainless hose sheathing to direct the mess away.