UK bike siezed

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  1. connorwat51

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    Just a quick warning to people in the UK. I got pulled today and had my motorized bike seized. I well get a letter through the door and I'm getting done for no insurance and no licence. Got over £1000 in the bike and had it less than a month. please be carefull in the uk
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  2. The_Aleman

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    Aw man, what a drag! Hope it all works out okay.
  3. connorwat51

    connorwat51 New Member

    If anyone can offer legal advice I would also be very appreciative of that. My mam and dad are going mental. I was going to get my provisional and CBT on the 3rd when I get paid. I would have been able to afford a 125 Honda. Can't get any now as I might have to pay a lot of fines. The officer said I may also get done for dangerous driving and speeding(I wasn't, his word against mine) I was only running 10% throttle!! Also he said if was on the path and not the road he wouldn't have been able to get me. I'd love to do 50mph on a pavement! When and if I have to go to court I'm going to see if I can do jail time instead of fines. Either way I'm going to lose my. Job as I cant have any convictions or driving offences even if I get the points on a licence I don't have
  4. Slogger

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    Look in the listings and see if there is an attorney that provides free consultations.
    Download all the pertinent laws you can find and print them out to take with you, along with documents and pictures of the motor bike in question.
    Tell him the truth about the stop, maybe he can find a way around all this. I would hope that the UK is not really jailing kids over riding a bicycle with an engine on it.
    Best of luck to you!
  5. connorwat51

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    I'm only 18 and I've never been in trouble with the law so I don't exactly know what an attorney is or what they do. The only pictures I have are ones of it on the back of the police seizure truck and I can't find anything on the laws regarding a bike with an engine on it :(
  6. butterbean

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    Attorney is an American word for barrister.
  7. rj1967

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    Im in oklahoma usa and I guess we are kind of lucky here. I run a 66cc and they are legal here without liscense or insurence. Not in all states but in oklahoma.
  8. connorwat51

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    I wish it was like that here. I'm still waiting for a letter telling me I have to go to court
  9. rj1967

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    I run mine for the simple fact I cant afford a car. im guessing most cities dont give a damn about poor ppl or what they cannot afford.
  10. 2old2learn

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    Let em eat cake!
  11. jaguar

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    that cake incident was in France, not England
  12. 2old2learn

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    The philosophy of the wealthy has been similar the world over since the dawn of time. Something in the natural instincts of humans makes us selfish. You even see this in many animal species. Fortunately, we have the capacity to change.
  13. rj1967

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    Cant afford cake either. Lol
  14. 2old2learn

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    I guess that would be scones in the UK.

    Like it or not, our common heritage with England will always make our two countries remain allies. Those Americans who study our national heritage will always remain strong allies with the French too. Without the French we might still be under British rule. My 6th great grandfather fought in the American Revolution. We were able to find his pension records through the archives of the War Department. Amazing that records from that period still exist.

    That being said, we are all cousins of each other all the world over. We come from a common heritage. This concept of us vs them goes back to our heritage of tribalism, which is still an impediment of fellowship around our world.

    Isn't it great that we can communicate with our long lost cousins around our world sharing the common interest of motorized bicycle adventures! Perhaps there's still hope.

    Those who do not study history, are often doomed to repeat it!
  15. rj1967

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    Well I took out cardboard gasket and just put on medium thick coat of red rtv silicone. If this doesnt work im done. Just sell it for what I can get and be rid of the headache.
  16. 2old2learn

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    We often value the most, what is difficult to have or to obtain. Not necessarily what is rare, but often is. Long term marriages is like that.