Ultimate BLAH - Need a part dimensions

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Hajuu, Feb 5, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    *once again* the ****ing clutch actuator shaft pin thing has gone missing due to roadside chain removal at 2am due to another breakdown due to the little white fuel bung on the carb leaking a lot of fuel.

    Got that fixed, and now the pin has been lost somewhere along the way. I mean the one that connects the clutch lever to the actual clutch, through the drive sprocket. I lost this once before and its one of those really ****ing annoying things to lose, because you cant exactly just buy one, except as part of a clutch kit.

    Sigh. So, I need the dimensions of this. Not that I have any idea where I will ever get a piece of steel bar of exact dimensions. Im definately not buying a $100 clutch replacement kit for a tiny piece of bar, and cant expect my dealer to break up another kit for it.

  2. srdavo

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  3. Its $5 for rod and bearing from thatsdax.
  4. Hajuu

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    Heh thatd be great.. If i werent in a regional part of australia. Steel bar is accessible, for ordering from usa i might as well order from china direct from manufacturer.

    Really dont want to wait 3 weeks minimum for a like 1 inch piece of round steel bar.
  5. AussieSteve

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    If you measure the diameter of the hole in the countershaft and get a piece of rod to fit, you should be able to cut it a bit long, then slowly trim the length down until clutch operation is about normal, by trial-and-error. Ideally, though, hardened steel would be best, not mild steel, so it would be hard to trim.
    If you use mild steel, still order an original spare and replace your temp 'bucking bar' as soon as you can. The clutch pivot cam will bite into soft steel. Or case-harden a softer rod.

    ... Steve
  6. Hajuu

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    Sounds like a plan, steve.

    This whole project has become kind of a joke now really. I just want some semi-reliable transport. Losing this part has obviously been my fault both times, but the reason I had to remove my chain both times was not.

    I've had nearly every part on this thing except the main engine break on me. Which wouldn't be so annoying, if it wasnt my main form of transport (my normal bike) and it was basically being taken out of commission every few days.

    This break was caused by a fuel leak at 2am from the little fuel bung on the carb.. Must be the single cheapest part on the whole thing, but without it, the entire thing is cripled. Rediculous.

    I'd have to give a *lot* of credit to my dealer though (www.starfirebikeengines.com.au). The best guy, who has helped me profusely with every aspect, not only helping me with local parts, but with so much of his time and his workshop.
  7. AussieSteve

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    I haven't checked out StarFireBikeEngines before, so thanks for the link. I need good suppliers.
    Having just got the shift kit fitted, I don't want to pull mine apart just yet to measure the rod, at least until I've had a test-ride. (When the rain stops.)
    A thought - if you have an old drill bit that's the right diameter and access to a grinder.....
    Needless to say, use a piece from the smooth end that goes into the chuck, not the fluted end.

    ... Steve
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  8. Hajuu

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    heh, yeah? Sounds like a plan to me, going to go see what ive got.. Or perhaps a bolt with the head cut off..

    What about if the diameter isnt exact? Really im just looking to get the thing going until I can get the right part. Did you know of any australian supplier who does more individual parts like this? ive been using starfire for literally everything, because he's a great guy.
  9. Hajuu

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  10. GearNut

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    Do you still have the ball bearing that goes in the hole first, before the "bucking bar"?
    Ya' might wanna check for it before you place your order.
  11. AussieSteve

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    Very good point, GearNut. Since Hajuu didn't mention the ball bearing, I wasn't thinking about it.
    There's about a 50/50 chance that it's missing too.

    Still, ZBox sells the bar and ball as a set for $4AU + $6 delivery.
    Warren has updated his spare parts page.
    A lot of new parts that weren't previously available.

    ... Steve
  12. Hajuu

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    heh actually the first time I lost the bucking bar (had no idea thats what it was called) I thought exactly the same thing, so I placed a custom order and got one through coventries for about 45c lol..

    But the bucking bar on zbox actually comes with a spare as well, I guess they figured the same thing as us.
  13. Hajuu

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    The only thing with zbox is that their ordering system totally sucks.. They have a form which your supposed to enter how many items, and the exact cost total including freight, where the only guide for freight they can give is that it might be as much as $6 per item for an express courier..

    No idea how you're supposed to work that out..

    Then below that you're supposed to just enter all the part details into a contact box.. Definately a horrible system (maybe it just seems that way to me because im a web developer).

    Going to give them a call on monday and try and do it over the phone, but other than that its problem solvered, they even use express couriers.
  14. AussieSteve

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    Hajuu, what I do with ZBox is email Warren for a quote, then enter the details on his credit-card payment page. I have to do the same with ZBike for my electric bike spares - their websites were designed by the same guy.
    It's a pain, but works OK, although it's a slow method and he's not very communicative.
    I bought my engine kit from ZBox, along with a number of spares since then.
    If it's only a small item, you can be assured that the postage will be $6 and not worry about emailing him.

    ... Steve
  15. Hajuu

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    ahh yeah im going to get a few things while im at it though, that my dealer in cannington doesn't have. Like an inline fuel filter, rear view mirror, etc..