Ultimate Round the World Road Trip

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    This young lady is exceptional all of Australia is proud of her

    Congratulations Jessica Watson
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    Thats an amazing thing...When I was 16 I was too busy rolling "Funny Ciggarettes" and cracking cold ones, I couldn't plan a trip out of My own way nevermind a feat like that. Exceptional...Congratulations to Her:clap:
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    its not that hard i think when the boats nowadays are controlled by gps
    i really dont think its anything that should be celabrated to this big....17year olds join the marines everyday within 6 months sent to iraq, kill lots of people and come home in before there 18.....wheres there praise?
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    Not to be political.. But US Soldiers ( I was in the Army I feel I can say this) do not deserve or want Praise for going to war and killing people. This is an unfortunate side effect of politicos having a ****ing contest. The praise to a soldier comes from onself by serving selflessy,sometimes while not agreeing with the mission at hand,and knowing that they did their best to represent the US. That said I still think this Girl did a amazing thing for a 16 Y.O.
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    well thats you in the Army( i feel i can say this becuase i am a marine) well you know what army stands for Aint Ready to be Marine Yet. The praise of killing comes from the ones you serve with