Uncharacteristically, an introduction


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Feb 27, 2008
First off, I'd like to apologize for breaking the rules with my first post by making it somewhere other than this forum. I'm usually very good about following forum rules, but other than posting on a few local forums I prefer to fly under the radar these days, primarily searching and reading and typically only posting when I feel I can add something to a thread. So, posting a thread of this nature is unusual for me, but I appreciate the desire to welcome new users to the board.

I'm a self-taught mechanic and web forums like this are my textbooks. I built a 350 HP, 11 second 1/4 mile Mitsubishi Eclipse with a little help from friends and a lot of reading on various web forums. Other than having a thorough understanding of the inadequacies of early 90's Mitsubishi engineering and how to improve upon it, I've worked on and modified LT1 F-bodies, swapped 240SXs, Hondas, 4x4 offroader Jeeps, center-console fishing boats and outboard engines, computers, and recently house wiring, carpentry, flooring, fencing, and other jobs as my folks have realized they can exploit my love of tinkering to save money on house repair bills. Probably most relevant to this forum, I have ridden and modified Goped motor scooters for almost ten years, and I developed a great appreciation for bicycling last year when a friend introduced me to offroad trail riding and I tried commuting by bicycle for a semester.

Now I'm here because I want to combine my enjoyment of bicycles and my enjoyment of tinkering with small gasoline engines. As detailed in my first post in the scrubber forum, I'm in the planning stages of a very crude but hopefully effective build of a low-budget commuter built out of an old MTB and an older 22cc Goped engine in the hopes that I can return to bicycle commuting without arriving at class drenched in sweat- surprisingly, a real turn-off for most female classmates at university and thus something I'd rather avoid. :LOL:

I probably won't be a frequent poster, but as I already said I'll post pics of my build when I got around to it, so you'll see at least that much if it works out well and is something worth posting about. I'm already intrigued by some of the cheap 80cc chain-drive kits out there so if the first build goes well, it won't be long before I'm back here reading up on a bigger and better second build.


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Your first will always be your most precious. WELCOME!!
Post some pics when you get her done!


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Dec 15, 2006
welcome to MBc ! :D
that was one of the coolest intro's I have read yet
when you DO post I will surely look forward to catching your words :)


Dittos. A new happy smiling face around is always nice. Cool how some one can enjoy a 11 sec/ 1/4 mile then turn around and enjoy a 25 mph bike. It's the "I built it" factor.
Jan 25, 2008
Welcome fellow gopedder!
You might find, like me,
that once you get the motor on that bike, that speed isn't that important.
I can go pretty darn fast now on my bike, but it is so much more fun to
cruise slowly, under 1/2 throttle. I also save so much gas by cruising moderate speeds.

On gopeds, I haul ***, but on the bike I can sit back and cruise.