Uncomfortable Riding


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Jun 20, 2008
When riding for more than 5 min. It gets rather uncomfortable for a couple reasons. One being the seat is quite small, two I have to hunch over cause I put it on a mountain bike, and three the vibrations in my hands and the cramps from holding the throttle.
1) Get a nice seat. I spent almost as much on my seat as I paid for the bike. 2) You can change out the bars for "cruiser" bars........ 3) I bought a nice set of Gel grips, the stock grips that came with my kit were hard as a rock.........
What misteright1_99 said, some good recommendations indeed.

I swapped my straight mb handlebars for higher bmx (cruiser type) bars and now I sit
straight and no pressure leaning forward, much more comfortable.

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what does the lead do?
Mass absorbs vibration and distributes it throughout itself. The greater the unit mass/cubic measure, the more energy it takes to vibrate it. Lead is pretty dense. A flexible coupling between the mass accellerated (lead shot) and the accelerative frame (the handle bar tube), means more energy expended to get the shot moving.

Every erg of vibratory energy absorbed in moving the bars is one less erg transmitted to your hands.

In other words, it absorbs the vibrations.
I also have a mountain bike
I made some of the same as above mentioned changes slowly -- one at a time
first that seat had to go -- actually it was changed out twice
an extended goose neck -- brought my bars up to -- much better
thinking about wrapping cloth handle bar tape over my hand grips

I don't mind just a little discomfort for a short while because once changed

feels so much better to ----------- ride that THING
Yeah MM, and a rack mounted 4 stroke don't hurt either. :devilish:

that's very true Happy V

less vibration on those special zones -- you know what I mean
as we get older we seem to think about that more

when we were younger didn't think twice about


it's best when those THINGS are taken care of !!!