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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by bilboby, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. bilboby

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    Whilst searching the websites for various MB parts etc i came across a 1 wheel motor bike? Not sure of the make or model thus no-doubt it's custom built but if not has anyone else seen such a bike on their roads?

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  2. Dave C

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    I think that's been Photoshopped. You can find pictures of airplanes with multi engines that have never flown, horses running with only two legs and the like.
  3. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    unless Popular Science got Punk'd...

    The Uno: a "unicycle" motorcycle...

    and since it's actually two wheels very close together, it's not REALLY a "uni-cycle"... it looks like a motorcycle version of the Segway
  4. RedBaronX

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    the cheaper alternative to developing a cross between a Segway and a crotch-rocket ($45,000) would be to buy an electric bike. I know, I know... don't scoff at innovation, but Segways are not exactly the safest forms of transportation. I can't imagine riding one in traffic...
  5. tswizzy2

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    Ya that things called the uno electric bike. I actuly saw it and the inventor In Person a few years ago while attending the Canada wide science fair. His first model was legitimately a unicycle, only wheel. Since then he has put out several more models, one of which has two wheels side by side.
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  6. GearNut

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    One question though...... What does one do when faced with a panic stop situation?
    I see a face plant in the near future.
  7. professor

    professor Active Member

    Does every family have a loon in it?
    Hope he wears a full face helmet. That was a good one Gearnut.
  8. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    totally. I don't care how well the software works, it just doesn't seen safe.
  9. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    here is an older model: motorizedunicycle.jpg

  10. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    okay... now THAT is a faceplant waiting to happen...
  11. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    I have to dissagree......faceplants will never occur on these bikes. First time you give it gas the back of your head will receive the plant.
  12. RedBaronX

    RedBaronX Member

    wondering if there would be a gyroscopic effect that would cause you to spin around the Y axis before tipping you over (still spinning, of course), leaving you with the most thorough of road-rashes...
  13. Bob Gurkin

    Bob Gurkin New Member

    I looked these things up on the net and there are a bunch of different one wheel bikes. They are neat, but I don't see that they are all that pratical. However, if they can figure a way to make one with pedals that would be a whole different story....Hmmmm, anyone getting ideas?
  14. GearNut

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