Undermine the legitimacy of traffic courts? Case dismissed.

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    Hear the judge speak.

    Very interesting!
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    Could you please do us all a favor and start a blog, THEN put all the videos and interests in the law stuff there, thanks.
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    I apologize, I should be posting law stuff here "Forum: Motorized Bicycle Laws, Legislation & Emissions".

    Remember, if your MB is not considered a Motor Vehicle, it does not require registration under the law.

    The Statutes may make a separate section for MB's but the governing statute is above that section.
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    No, you need to start a blog, I believe you can do that here.You have posted many videos and rants on the traffic law, as you read it very fundamentally, yet here, you don't follow the simple posting rules of a voluntary forum.It clearly states under each topic what it's about
    as in:"General motorized bike questions and answers. For more specific motorized bike help,
    check out the technical and troubleshooting section." or "Existing motorized bicycle laws and legislation in countries around the world.
    Eco-discussion and engine emissions.".That means specific to MAB's, pretty simple.
    This post should not be in the traffic/laws topic area, as it has nothing to do with MAB's, your bent is making it about everything, so you see a logical (in your mind) connection.If anything this would be posted in the off-topic, I didn't watch the video, but I'll assume there wasn't anything about bikes in it anywhere.This is an MAB site, not a law forum.

    You could also start a couple other blogs (wordpress has some nice free layouts) and get an activist thing going.
    Just please try to keep it about bikes and MAB's here please.Thanks.
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    I disagree with something that you wrote.

    MAB's has everything to do with traffic/laws.

    In you State Statutes, where are MAB's defined?

    They are defined in the Motor Vehicle section.

    Therefore Laws concerning MAB's belong in the motorized bicycle laws and legislation in countries around the world.

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion.

    I eagerly await any facts you can present to the discussion.
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    Disagree all you want, on the front page of this forum it lists topics, almost all of them (outside off topic) say something "pertaining"
    to MAB's.It's plainly written, I thought you were all about nitpicking words, well??Question, since I didn't watch the video,
    did it have a bike or MAB in it?
    Yes, bike laws are encompassed within all traffic laws, all traffic laws involving motor vehicles does "NOT" specifically pertain to MAB's.
    By your previous logic I should post everything that interests me about" rubber compounds/ball bearing makes/alloys/paint chemicals,......"
    as they are used in bikes.
    Please start a specific page here, or elsewhere you can link, that puts everything together, peppering this forum with the same thing
    over and over has no cohesion, and to be quite honest is getting irritating.
    Again, I mean no offense, I stand in awe of your trike build, and think you should keep/convert it.
  7. boyntonstu

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    If you get a ticket on your MB and you go court, do you appear in a special court for motorized bicycles?
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    I believe that's called strawman argument, this is an MAB fourm."When you buy new bike tires do you think about how a cars tires taste" that's about how much sense your previous comment made.Maybe try a poll post to see how many here would like you to continue on the "what is a motor vehicle" rant, I could be wrong.
    Do whatever man, go hog f*&k^ng wild, rant and rave, clog up all the topics
    with the same thing, have fun.
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    If many more people believe that something is correct than those who don't, does that make it correct?
  10. troyg

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    Well, last time I checked this is America.You may be right, I think Dupont changed the formula.