Chain Tensioner Uneven chain tension??

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    I'm pretty much out of ideas here on my "tight/loose" chain. No matter what I do I've still got an inch or inch an half of slack in chain after I tighten tensioner at chains tightest point. If I tighten it down at loose point, wheel wont even turn. I ride this bike everyday for the last 8 months, no problems at 34-35mph.

    Here's what I already did:
    1) Took off wheel, replaced broken spoke, trued up wheel
    2) Checked freewheel bearings and hub..looks OK
    3) Put on new spkt mount with 2 rubber isolators--carefully tightened down 9 bolts on sprocket (same 36T as before, which looks OK to me)
    4) Spun the wheel, no wobble and spkt looks centered on axle
    5) Checked chain for tight links (KMC 410HD)...looks OK
    6) Put chain back on, carefully alligned the 2 spkts,
    7) Countershaft spkt looks OK and the chain seems to come off ok

    Everything looks OK by my sight, but I still have at least an inch difference when I turn wheel half a turn....Never run into this problem before on any other bikes and I can't see any problem. Anyone else ran into this?
    Or, had trouble with sprockets wearing out? Or KMC chain?? Im stuck on this one........

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    The problem is not in the wheel or hub. China doesn't locate the center hole in the sprockets very precisely. If that hole is off- it become the "Center" and the teeth do a whoop de do on that center.
    Another sprocket may be better. You can also measure the engine sprocket.

    You want to measure from the low points where the chain ride to the edge of the center hole.
    Mark the sprocket somehow so you won't get lost in you measuring. A dial caliper if great for that.
    You can grind out the center hole on the long side and *****-punch closed the short side to re-center the hole.
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    You're probably right Prof, it's one of the sprockets. What else could it be? If I change out the rear and I still have the slop, it must be the engine spkt. Its just how long do I want to keep riding 34 with that chain slappin around.....I think I got a 44T around here somewhere. That's why they call them HT's!!
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    im having the exact same problem. either get wobble when i look from the rear of the bike at the rear sprocket to the engine sprocket. this being the sprocket->>> | accept mines /
    So i tighten down some bolts to even it out so its strait then i get it on and the ****ing sprocket isnt centered. so i took it off again and spun the tire on a clamp to make sure the sprocket was centered and when i tightened down the wobble from the alignment point of view again it takes some of the center out. i think its because for one the hole is not centered in the cut china made and for 2 the rubber peices that go in between are all warped and cheap. its really upsetting me because i can fix one of the 2 problems the vertical wobble or the the true center but when i go to fix the next thing it just screws up what i already fixed. im ready to grind this bike in half -_-.
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    i actualy just tried again, i tried tieing a peice of string around the wheel bearing and spinning it on a clamp to see if it was center, it seemed pretty good but apparently theres still the same problem : o. could it be possible its my chain? i was riding the other day before all this and my chain got all caught up in my tire. could the chain maybe be doing this? it gets too tight then too loose as i spin the wheel. feed back would be greatly appreciated. : )
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    Tight/loose chain solution

    aaron, You might try this:

    With the chain on and the wheel off the ground, turn wheel to where chain is most slack. Then tighten up chain with chain tensioner until its almost tight. Then turn wheel to where chain is real tight. Now, loosen all your sprocket bolts and nuts. Spin the wheel a few times until chain tension evens out. This will pull sprocket to center. Then retighten bolts. This has worked for me when I get a sprocket with a "Chinese center" hole.
    Only other solution is to invest in a spring loaded chain tensioner.
    Like this one: Good luck!
  8. What can cause this?

    Y'all fail to mention possibilities because THESE POSSIBILITIES FRIGHTEN US.

    #1 Your RAGJOINT IS CROOKED. Do it again.
    #2 Your CHAIN STRETCHED. Buy a new one.
    #3 Your SPROCKET IS BENT. Get a new one.
    #4 Your CHAIN IS TWISTED. Get a new one.
    #5 Your DRIVE SPROCKET BAR is bent. replace it.
    #6 Your CHAIN TENSIONER FROZE. Get the springer one.
    #7 Your CHAIN ALIGNMENT SUCKS. Rehang the engine.
    #8 Your AXLE IS CROOKED. Put it on normal.
    #9 Your SPOKES ARE WARPED. True the wheel.
    #10 Your CHAIN IS FREEZING. Keep the new one greased.

    I hope the truth hurts enough to realize what your issue is and you get it fixed. All of these solutions are easier than the doctors fixing you when you flip over the bars riding on these unique damages that can happen. Bless.
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    It looks as though you failed to realize this is a 5 year old thread.

    They have probably already fixed the problem by now or got rid of the problem.
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    hahahhahah, i've made that mistake before... :p
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    Thread necromancer casts resurrection spell.