Unfortunate Events Today, thought I'd share

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  1. So I'm at Chikfila enjoying their amazing samiches and guess what I hear? Ice hitting the window. I run out, hop in my truck, speed home, running some annoying stoplights along the way. Not only was I worried about my 1968 F100, but my motorbike was parked on the back porch. And this was some serious hail in GA! One knocked my rear view mirror in the cab loose!

    Luckily my F100 is built like a tank and got away unscathed.
    As for Chelsea. She has some damage. And that's really annoying cause I painted her just last week.
    Life sucks -____-

    Just thought I'd vent

  2. grinningremlin

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    Precipitation, I remember that, it's,... wet,...right??
    1) Bike barn or in the garage
    2) good motorcycle cover
    3) cheap tarp
    too much money in these to be left to the elements, and thieves rarely steal what they can't covet.
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    I got caught in a hail storm while pedalling my bicycle once. I was wearing a helmet, but the hail still penetrated the helmet through the cooling slots.
  4. I usually have mine in the garage, but the one afternoon I don't look what happens. Lesson learned.

    I bet that felt nice! I had a couple hit me in the head running to my car. I could have lived without that! But I'm from San Diego. Never experiencing a hail storm, I hear about hail and I thought it was a joke. I guess I'm far from home here in GA
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    Heh, I recall seeing something about tennis ball sized hail, was that in GA?
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    Don't you know it's like when it's been 3-4 week without rain you wash your truck and it rains
    painting it was just asking for the hail

    so sorry to here she got scratched/dented
  7. Yes, yes that was GA -___- sadly. I have one in the freezer about 4in in Diameter!Luckily the fender was the only thing dented, everything else was just chipped. But it has been repaired