Engine Trouble UnHappy Happy Time (engine wont start)

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Zev0, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Zev0

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    Ok, engine has 150 miles on it. Rode it Saturday morning to the post office. Maybe 1 mile each way. Came home and parked it. Forgot to shut off the gas. Well, to make a long story short. Sunday I pedaled my butt off all day trying to get it to start. Wouldn't even fire once. I figured it was flooded from the gravity feed being open for over 24 hours. Tried to start it without gas turned, full choke, no choke. Man, I couldn't pedal anymore, so I turned off gas and parked it. Monday morning, same scenario. No go. I thought that it being flooded, which it probably is, letting it sit awhile, like a car, it would start. Well, it won't. I'm at the end of the 2nd day and still no go. Any simple ideas? I'm not the most mechanically inclined person in the world, so don't go to far in depth. But any ideas would be appreciated.

  2. mickey

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    Got spark? You might also try turning the bike over (gas tank off) with the sparkplug out to see if the crankcase is full of stuff.

    Edit: I guess you'll need to spin the rear tire to get the piston to uncover the transfer ports.
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    hey Z,

    try this....take out the spark plug. Is it wet?
    take the bike outside, and put out your smoke....haha
    with the plug still out, roll the bike forward with the clutch out, to turn the engine over & see if it pukes gas out of the sparkplug hole. If so, your block is prolly full of fuel. you can keep rolling it till it stops puking or, I suppose you could tip the bike & let it drain? I like the puke method...haha

    then try to start normally. maybe a fresh sparkplug, if ya have one.
  4. BoltsMissing

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    Howdy Z
    While you are at it with the spark plug, if you have not already done so, even after it starts with the current plug, and that plug is still the HT plug, change to a new spark plug, NGK B6HS.

    All the Best

  5. graucho

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    Good ideas above, Then check all of the "freak of luck" things it could be. Wire popped loose. Kill switch cra**ed out. Gas all drainned out of tank, now your empty. Plug wire to CDI wiggled a little loose.

    Remove plug, drain block if needed, put in 3 drops of 2 cycle oil in hole. Ride two blocks with plug still out in gear to air evaporate out the cylinder. Dont go much further unless you add a few more drops of oil. New plug B6HS .030"
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    I was thinking in the same idea! empty the gas tank, take the sparkplug out, turn the bike over, and left 1 day or 2. I have flooding problems with my old carb (stock), and when it finally start, big explosions sound came from the engine. I recommend to every one, buy a Dellorto SHA1412 (or imitations) for the HT engines. 90% of the problems disappear, and make an easy starter and automatic release of the choke too.
    Tell how the story goes.


  7. azbill

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    I almost never remember the petcock :shock:
    I don't think it has ever filled the crankcase
    isn't the float rising going to stop fuel from entering carb ?
  8. hot70cc

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    Kill switch most likely, remove it completly then try again. hope it works for ya.
  9. funker

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    It suppose to, but with the HT stock carb it's a very common problem that the float (well technically not the float) does not shut off the fuel entering to the carb, causing flooding and fuel leaking, even in the higher quality kit (yes, there different quality kits of HT), this problem still remains.
    In my particular case, and by the position of the engine in the V of the frame, the fuel leaking tend to go INTO the engine rather than leaking outside (all of these if i do not close the fuel valve), making almost impossible to start, and when it does, making tremendous explosions product of the dropped fuel in the crankcase.
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  10. funker

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    Im using the NGK B6HS sparkplug too without any problem, good tip :smile:
  11. Zev0

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    Well, HappyTime is still unhappy. Took off plug, it was a little oily, but not what I would consider wet. Looked into chamber and saw no gas. So not flooded.
    Disconncect white wire down by pedal crank where it connects to black wire going up to kill switch. Still no start. Only thing I haven't done is check for spark. Living in small apt so not much room to work. Spark check will have to wait for weekend. Any more other suggestions guys??
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    Just edited the title of the thread to make it more searchable for users with the same problem.
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    That's ok. I guess :grin:
  14. funker

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    May be a silly thing typical from appliances manuals, but you check the flow of fuel in the carb? the flow valve get obstructed very often in this kits.
    We are getting out of suggestions :p
    Hope you can make it work soon, if you do, tell us what happened.


  15. Lorcher

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    Check your gaskets on the intake manifold and the head gasket. A blown gasket in these two places will prevent your motor from running. I just had this problem--replaced the gaskets with new ones and used some high temp sealer and I was out ridding.
  16. Zev0

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    Well, I've renamed my HappyTime to FORD. Fix Or Repair Daily, or better yet, Found On Road Dead!!!!!
  17. First On Race Day I LOVE my Fords!!

    I say magneto. Now what's this white wire to black wha?
    Toss that kill switch and get a toggle tap to blue.
    Have you checked for spark?

    But if you have spark,then something very little went in your carb and is messing with the flow.
    Hold down the tickler till gas pours out,then try again.
    How long do you hold that tickler before gas pours out?
    Does gas pour out at all?
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    RATRODER Guest

    ZevO you forgot Formerly Old Rusty Doge! louis
  19. graucho

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    Zev, you have to tell us "what you have done" so we can start to eliminate things and move forward with more suggestions. :confused:
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    with my minibike, (even though u said you didnt see gas) i took the carb off, and tilted my bike back all the way till it was standing straight up. depending on how much gas is in the tank ya might wanna try that. if ya really dont have room, ya could check spark by popping the clutch while your finger is in the female part that connects to the spark plug. thats what i do with mowers...... PREPARE YOURSELF FOR A NICE SIZED WAKE UP JOLT THOUGH!