Unique, hard to understand problems, and too many variables.

folks that treat these motors as disposable smile more than folks that try to fix them
I'd treat it as disposable if it didn't mean I had to deal with a power loss or require tearing the engine down and reworking it to get the power back, then breaking in is a son of a b b bbb b b b gun. And a shift kit makes it more painful, especially in my already tight frame. And really, had a brand new engines come in bearings installed upside down, along with crankcase seal, and missing the clutch plate spring. And found broken zip ties, and mangled washers in the magneto area causing shorts. Bent bolts from bad packaging.. Anything can be wrong, so opening it up looking it over is my only choice, don't have time/patients to send it back in hopes ill get better one back or whatever. Some motors just outright suck, and getting a vendor to refund/fix the problem is like haggling with Donald Trump. I could spend several several hundreds to get just the motor in a very refined state, and get a warranty of some sort, but that wouldn't be precisely disposable.

We don't all make that kind of money, but I have the skill and time to bring a disposable aluminum can into a very shapely aluminum can with extra big beer holes. I can also probably MacGyver most problems well enough to get home if I had to using something I fished from the bottom of a river using my clutch cable, hell I might even build a boat while I'm at it and sail home with my modified motorized bicycle canoe.

Perhaps I, Frankenstein, just enjoy the challenge of bringing the dead back from the usps box themed graveyard, with a little extra kick since we got it all cracked open and oozing with grease.

(really, if Frankenstein wasn't such a cheap bastard he wouldn't have used used body parts and his mother's sewing kit to complete his goals, he'd of paid the fda the proper fees and did the right trial experiments to get the approval for live human testing. Or maybe he was just insane, I'll swing either way, I still get to go fishing and ride bikes across rivers in the end)

Cheap bastard = happy wife (usually) = wife isn't constantly pms'ing = I don't get yelled at = I deal with one pain in ass, and not 2 = more beer with friends being happy time with our happy time 2 smoker butt massagers. Which makes up for the ass pain.
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you can check it in or out of the crankcases.
does the crank wheels wobble side to side?
are they out of round with high spots when you rotate it?
I'll check it out later and post my findings for your review, if I have salvageable parts I'd like to know this and stop at the post office for more corrugated part organization receptacles.
sorry to hear about what you're getting for motors - I haven't bought more than maybe 200 over the years and only had maybe 4 or 5 bad ones - my current supplier just folded shop, so I hope I don't run into anything like you're seeing
I doesn't matter what I get, bad luck finds me, I have my bike fail, then my truck a day later, the day before having to go to the dmv for a driver's test (long story) wtf. Had to replace my serpentine-belt to exempt the ac pulley, seeing that the pulley decided to freeze, therfore making the engine unable to turn over and start because too much friction.

Motors + me = horror, even if nobody else has the same problem in the history of the thing.