Unsure of california laws

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    Im curious of the laws in California. I have no car license or anything. Im curious on the laws if i need to get it registered or not everyone has been unclear on it my bike is capable of doing around under 30. I just want to make sure i have everything legit before i get pulled over and fined. Btw my bike has a 66cc motor on it.

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    I googled "Texas motorized bicycle law" when I lived there and found the info I needed super quick. Did the same when I moved to Colorado (super lame laws up here!) So I would assume the same would work for California?
    Most of the websites selling engines now are stating their engines are not approved for on or off road us anymore and are only for closed coarses. I am not sure if they changed the law or if they still make engines that comply with EPA and California emmision standards. (Not that I understand why it's fine to drive a truck that gets 7 miles a gallon all day long, but an engine that gets 150 miles a gallon is too dirty?)
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    I bet that white lady dressed like a Hindu would do it cheaper than a politician...
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    Not always a good thing...

    Notice how where ever you live the roads suddenly don't seem so bad by the end of the video, unless you live where the video was filmed that is...
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