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Up north Canada speakin'



This all started when a friend went to china and brought home a motor as a souvenir for me. At first I thought it was a nifty "build-a-lawn-mower" kit, but the pleasant surprise came when the box said "moped conversion kit".

So for 2 weeks I tried decoding the horribly translated chinese/english manual. I found more help in trying to examine the black and white pictures that were clearly taken by a cell phone.

Thats when I found this handy dandy site with VERY helpful..... colored pictures. So Im still working on the bike. Still not done, but oh well, it keeps me busy afterschool and during my lunch break.

Great to be part of this community.

- Some chinese branded 80cc motor.



my friend went to china, and all i got was this fantastic bicycle engine!!
that's pretty cool how you got your happy-time, i'm sure you're in a crowd of "one" here... :)

welcome to MBc :cool:


Welcome to MBc Mojoe. I'm still embarassed that I didn't (realize/know/assume) that any manual clutch would have a throwout bearing.

Glad you figured it out.