Up, Up and Away!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by mikem, Dec 5, 2008.

  1. mikem

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    I was thinking ... there's that can of rusty nails, nuts & bolts out in the garage ... and we don't really NEED stormdoors ... has anyone ever tried to put wings on a MB?
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  2. MyPC8MyBrain

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    I dont think you could get enough power for wings, but you might be able to fly a paraglider.

    You would have to shift the power to a prop once you got off the ground.... friction drive off the tire maybe ?

    If you kill yourself, i had nothing to do with it.
    Just giving you a bad idea to expand upon.

  3. sparky

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  4. Mountainman

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    I don't want one of those flying THINGS !!!

    man this site is great -- and may prolong life span

    my other THING -- the little wife
    told me the other day that she had ordered one of these for me
    yes -- as I remember -- that was right after she had talked with our
    insurance man -- uping my death policy for SOME UNKNOWN REASON !!!

    after seeing that video FOR THE FIRST TIME JUST NOW
    I am going to tell her that I don't want that flying THING for Christmas

    not all THINGS are good or wanted by Mountainman

    ride that THING
  5. wheelbender6

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    Many of the early attempts at flight were just bicycles with improvised wings.
    It would make a good flutag!
  6. mikem

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    Bike-less Flight

    That reminds me ... what we must avoid are those short, bike-less flights ... where the bike suddenly stays behind and we keep on going! ;)
  7. mikem

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    You Can Run but ....

    Not to worry Sparky ... you're miles away!;)
  8. Rain City

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    THIS I want to see.
  9. machiasmort

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    you got to make it with folding wings for when the cops are chasing you! Use latches that catch when they fold down (like in bars).
  10. Alaskavan

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    There's a thread here somewhere by a guy who's trike looks like a biplane. I can't remember what it was called.
  11. machiasmort

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    It would be somthing to run a PTO off of the open gear on the front sprocket, to a pulley and prop on a ring and pinion gear!
  12. mikem

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    Wind Beneath My Wings

    Sounds good once I get airborn ... but might spook the pedestrians in the crosswalks during take off.?! :ee2k: