Update Grubee Kit and Lights

Mike S

Local time
2:18 AM
Mar 16, 2008
We just completed the Grubee Skyhawk installation of the engine and kit on a Diviate Nerve bike (the very last one available from the factory) and it went great. The H engine started on one pull, ran smooth, throttled smoothly, and was surprising quiet. Much less than a lawn mower. I used only grease on the internal gears. It all worked well excpet for the kill switch, which seemed to be shorted out, so we removed it. We are working on solving the lighting problem and have a little ways to go. At the end, we expect to have a street legal kit to offer full lighting/horn-turn signals, the works, so the bike may be licensed to ride anywhere as a moped. Mike S
That's great news. On the kill switch, I used a momentary switch from Radio Shack.

I am very interested in the light issue. For now, I am using batteries as, to tell the truth, I have no intention of riding when lights are needed- I just want the look of a light.
Regarding the kill switch, I took it apart and tested it with a battery and volt meter. It worked fine but it does the opposite of a kill switch; it closes the circuit when the button is pressed rather than opening it. It would never work the way I had it installed which was to splice it in between the on/off switch and put the switch in the start position. I'm not an expert at electrical but shouldn't a kill switch open the circuit? Mike S
It routes the electricity from the mag to ground rather than through the plug- therefore, closing it completes a direct route to ground.