Update! It's been awhile here's the new build in progress!

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    Hello everyone, I haven't been on this forum in ages! I sold my last motor bike and now I'm building a new one! It's a 26" Schwinn Sanctuary beach cruiser similar to my previous one with some differences including color! I have a 66cc motor kit on the way which I will be using upgrade performance parts later on in the future! I will once again be using an "arch style"chain tensioner to keep that cheap Chinese idler out of my beautiful spokes! see the included pictures, I am not a newbie to building these, I do however like suggestions or comments. I will be replacing the Chinese 415 chain with number 41 roller chain from fleet farm. I have the grips removed and the fender chopped out to accommodate the drive chain. I will post another posting when the build is finished! Thanks! I know I should support the fenders too. 981490_164888800355517_792798766_o.jpg 979960_164851880359209_832343991_o.jpg

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    You'll be able to do lots of nice things with that bike.
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    I think it will be a great success! I'm hoping I can get upgrade parts eventually! It will definitely turn heads this summer and I will have fun riding it! I will share more pictures as I progress, the next pictures will be of it built and then after that....upgrades. My last built had a speed carb with built in shutoff valve, had a performance chrome stack air filter, had a neat old-school style speedometer, turn signals....which I eventually did away with...ordered some different style grips from dax, I think that's it.....performance parts don't really concern me at the moment, what do you have luck with replacing the stock plug with?for a 2-cycle manual clutch engine?